Haxenhaus (SG)

Haxenhaus facade along Robertson Quay

We visited Haxenhaus a month back before 2012′ Christmas.

Thanks to the arrangement by Chenyze from Six Communications and hospitality of Christian Wild, the General Manger of the Esmirada Group.  

Spacious and cozy interior

The Xmas decor was so warm and cute.

Pink piggies with wings…

Virgin Mojito (non-alcoholic)

This is not on the menu, a request made to the friendly restaurant’s manager when I wanted an alcohol free Mojito.

Any other cocktail off the menu could be voiced and see it fulfilled.

Gulaschsuppe (Beef paprika goulash) S$10++

We learnt that the head chef at Haxenhaus is transferred from the existing Esmirada restaurant.

The beef goulash presentation was hearty and very flavourful, with spikes of sour notes.

Soak up the soup with the complimentary warm bread.

A reasonable price tag to boot as well, it was a winner.

Complimentary bread basket served

Greek Salad S$18++

The greens were chopped up nicely to bite sizes and every element was fresh tasting, a healthy starter indeed.

Curry Wurst S$18++

How could we miss out the quintessential sausage of German cuisine.

Actually, this restaurant is more of a Bavarian type as the owners are Austrians hence the influence on the food.

That being said, curry wurst is one of the typical Bavarian dishes.

The curry was on the sweet fruity type, sausage itself was alright, could have been juicier.

Wienerschnitzel (Veal) S$33++

This picture does not display the large size of the schnitzel to the real scale.

Two persons could share this portion happily, trust me.

The potato salad accompanying the veal schnitzel

The crispy yet light breaded crust coating the tendered out veal within played a good textural contrast.

Potato salad dressed with lemon and olive oil served as a bright side dish.

The veal inside the breaded crust

Grillhendel S$20++ (Roasted spachcock)

Josper grill has been garnering attentions lately among the foodies.

And yes, here at Haxenhaus, they have a Josper grill in house (most probably inherited from the former French restaurant who occupied this very space – Brasserie Wolf) and a range of dishes cooked by it.

I had to try it though we were stuffed at this point.

Again, this portion will feed two adults easily!

The skin was very aromatic with the use of herb rub, grilled to a perfect crunch.

The white meat within was utterly tender and infused with the fragrance of the herb combination seeped in from the skin.

Kaiserschmarren S$14++ (caramelised Bavarian emperor’s pancake with stewed plums)

We went with the recommendation of this must-try dessert of the house.

Here it is, pancakes in cubes!

First for me. They were as light as souffle, melting instantaneously upon the touch of the tongue.

Worry not about the greasiness because it was non existent – helped by the warm plum stew served aside.

Close up of the fluffy and melt like cotton candy pancake cubes

If only they consider breakfast hours opening somehow, I will come back to hit these for a good breakfast!

Overall, we enjoyed the hearty portions and homestyle food here.

Take note of their value-for-money platter for 2 pax (S$38++) and 4 pax (S$88++) – a great excuse and a sure venue for pigging out with friends and famillies.

[Media Invitation]

Address: 80 Mohamed Sultan Road#01-13 Singapore 239013
Sunday -Thursday: 12 noon – 12pm
Friday & Saturday: 12 noon – 1am


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