Tsujiri (SG)

Shiratama Parfait (O-maccha) S$7.80

Tsujiri was first established by Riemon Tsuji in Uji in Kyoto, Japan.
The founder Riemon tapped his own wealth to improve the then tea industry,
advancing and innovating the method to enhance the flavours and sweetness
of the tea –to accomplish in making the highest quality Gyokuro tea leaves.
He also devised the tea cabinet to keep the tea leaves fresh longer,
thereby enabled to revive the popularity and marketing of the Uji tea.
His effort was well recognised by many and to attest to that, his statute was built
in Byodoin, the Kyoto’s world heritage shrine. Since then and for more than 150 years,  the brand TSUJIRI has kept Riuemon’s spirits of “innovation atop keeping tradition”, and continued to offer the best Uji tea throughout Japan from its founding family base in Uji in Kyoto as well as its major satellite locations in Kitakyusyu Kokura,  Gion in Kyoto and Okayama.(extracted from Tsujiri.com.sg)

Having my after-exam treat after a 2-day course in Tanjong Pagar.

First off, there was this very brightly lit smallish shop with minimal small square tables, some small white stools and a long bench installed along the wall, it could fit probably 10 persons at most.

Anyhoo…I managed to get a corner table after ordering the parfait above.

Secondly, was a little disappointed with the plastic cup – the quality you get with McDonald’s sundae.

These two peeves aside, the parfait itself was really rewarding.

The smooth and creamy matcha ice-cream, each mouthful came with a slight tinge of matcha bitterness and with sweet aftertaste. Inside, the red bean, jelly cubes and glutinous balls were in abundance – easily a meal on its own.

At least, this expensive-ish parfait worth the calories.

I hope they could use better packaging and redesign the sit in layout to accommdate a reasonably sizable crowd.

~ revisited on 29-Mar-2013~~

Chiffon O-maccha Parfait S$7.50

Address: 100, Tras Street, #01-14 100 AM (inside Amara Hotel). Tanjong Pagar MRT. 



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