MK Gold (Phuket, Thailand)

Menu cover

Thailand frequenter would know this famous Chinese restaurant chain serving duck noodle, hotpot and dim sum, a mishmash really .

What we didn’t know was there is a pricier version called MK Gold, a little bit more varieties on food and a lot more expensive compared to just MK.

And we dined at the only MK Gold (or rather MK) restaurant in Phuket town, inside Jungceylon shopping centre.

Roast Duck with Green Noodles ~S$4

Al dente noodle, very savoury brown sauce with a tinge of herbal tone.

Crispy duck skin and tender meat.

Well worth a try!

Steamed salted egg yolk layers ~S$2

We love salted egg yolks.

Being able to have such dim sum item in before a hot pot dinner was unusual but very welcomed.

The soft fluffy cake layered against strong tasting and firm egg yolk mixture was really wonderful.

When you ask for water, it’s normally bottled water priced at about S$1.50 onwards, no tap water here.

Steamboat ingredients, we opted for the vegetable set ~$16 and some meat items as well.

Each ingredient was very fresh.

The soup in the pot looked as clear as plain water to me and really tasteless.

As time went on, each ingredient will flavour the soup base and the soup was tastiest at the end of the hotpot session.

Steamboat in action

I would recommend just MK restaurant for more reasonable price tag, we paid about S$33 for a light meal of two, not cheap at all.

Address: MK Gold, Ground floor of Jungceylon shopping centre, Phuket, Thailand


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