Marche (SG)

Tomato pizza ~S$20+ (thereabout)

Despite of my mentioning displeasure of dining at Marche a good few times on this blog, I visited again.

Due to its prime location – the one located right at Somerset MRT exit housed within the 313 Somerset mall. Also, the advantage of this ‘market’ restaurant is that no booking required. These are the only two good points.

Rosti S$6.90+ w/ Mushroom Ragout S$10.90+ and Fried Egg S$1.70+

I do not mean to defame this restaurant, that is not my intention at all.

I was really disappointed over time.

In the weekend, the horrid long queues at the popular food station waiting to order and pick up, not to mention the increasingly overpriced puny food portions.

Still, we were here again on a Sunday night, because of having visitors around.

I should start making a pledge not to be here in 2013 no matter what, because this visit further horrified me as a overpriced restaurant serving mediocre tasting dishes of Europe origin.


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