Salta Parrilla & Grocer (SG)

Starter – Mejillones al Vino Blanco (black mussels in white wine, garlic & cream sauce) S$20++

Shortly after the nearby 100 AM mall visit few days ago, I was back in the business area for a dinner treat.

These mussels were amazing, not only in taste and freshness, but in size!

The shells were as big as my palm, succulent flesh within. The salty and very flavourful white wine cream sauce was the perfect match!

Trucha del Pacífico (slow cooked ocean trout, served with fennel puree and orange vinaigrette) S$33++

I am no red meat eater and couldn’t appreciate a beautiful piece of steak.

So, I opted for my seafood that came with risotto, perfect!

The very tender poached trout needed a bit more seasoning, whereas the al dente risotto was creamy to finish off.

Manteca de Cepes (Porcini mushroom butter) S$3++

He ordered this to go with the ‘medium’ tenderloin, very heavy on porcini scent, good one.

Lomo (Beef tenderloin) S$38++

We all had a slight problem with the definition of medium and medium well here.

Because whoever ordered medium came medium well, and I am sure you can judge by the outer layer’s deep brown already.

Oh well, I think their starters faired very well, and the complimentary warm bread loaf served worth the calories too.

There are some credit card promotions spotted at the entrance which slipped my mind, anyways do lookout for it!

Icon Village
12 Gopeng Street
(S) 078877



2 thoughts on “Salta Parrilla & Grocer (SG)

  1. yeah I agree..actually, my friend was using some 50% voucher off total bill but I’m not sure what the details are, so just come here using some sort of voucher?

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