Chaktuchak Weekend Market (Bangkok)

Hiding from the scorching sun and searching for ‘treasures’ in this border-less market

This maize-like market place is only open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays.

For the seasoned ones, they come here with expandable backpacks, trolleys, straw bags for hauling the goods back home for selling or merely using.

Duck rice at one of the stalls 40THB

This was my very first time here, so we didn’t venture deep into the market far too long, spending ONLY 5 hours here.

I felt like we only covered a scratch of the market.

Some ice-cold dessert made of evaporated milk, brown sugar, red beans, ice shavings.
Fish cakes!
The antique stretch of Chatuchak, mesmerising.
Mango stick rice 50 THB, some green leave drink 25 THB

Even if you are not a hardcore shopaholic or bargain hunter,  being here is an experience itself.

For girls, buy cheap & preppy clothes here! Also, quality leather goods!

Regretted so much of not getting the handmade clean lined (and full leather) shoulder bag that had me mulled over for an hour,
about SGD 40, and I wouldn’t get such design with such reasonable pricing here.

I managed only two tops at about SGD 5 each which would cost 3-4 times for the same quality in Singapore.

Anyways, I will be back!

Check out the market webbie for better navigation (which was useless to me anyways).


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