Ratchada Night Market (Bangkok)

Vintage goods section

Here is my last post of Bangkok for now.

There’s another market that doesn’t get quite as many tourists. At the Ratchada-Ladphrao night market you can find everything form Vespa scooters to sushi. Seriously… check out my photos from Bangkok’s most hipster night market & bazaar. (extracted from TravelsofAdam).

Cool huh

This market only open only on Saturday nights!

Take note: Ladprao Station used to be the one to get off, but it’s now relocated to Chatuchak Park on the Rot Fai Park side, on the grounds of the Student Museum. Just follow the crowd and walk for about 15 minutes from the station and you will be rewarded.

Shops set up at the boot of the cars
Retro bicycles
Travelled back in time when I wasn’t even born

I must say visiting this unusual ‘Vespa’ night market was really refreshing from the normal Bangkok trips and night markets!

If you run a retro themed cafe, I bet you will find this visit very fruitful!

Highly recommended for a different taste of Bangkok.


2 thoughts on “Ratchada Night Market (Bangkok)

  1. sherlyn says:

    hey, when did you visit this market? I read on tripadvisor that this place closed last august! (2012)

  2. adel says:

    Hiya, as mentioned on this entry..we were there this Jan. it moved to a plot of land near chatuchak MRT stop, 15min walk and just follow the crowd on Sat night.

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