Suprette (SG)

The building that houses Suprette

Such a local retro design!


By the wall

The bar!

Flat White S$4.50+

An aromatic cup that delivered.

Suprette Burger S$19+

The in-house signature burger was highly recommended, so why not!

The well buttered and charred buns were so fluffy inside, a little crispy on the outsdie.

Fresh tasting french fries and lots of them!

The patty was really thick, meat came dark pink, and flavourful.
Oddly enough, I thought it had hints of “Ramly” patty taste to it, which is what I like.

Chicken Pot Pie S$14+

I arrived ravenous after some errands in the morning, and felt chilly with the sun scorching outside, yes, I feel cold whenever I’m hungry.

I wasn’t sure of the construction of it before ordering, thinking if it’s anything like a bread bowl, I’ll dodge it.

However, after the well acknowledged waitress’ explanation, I ordered it straightaway.

Super flaky pastry top, crack it open, the creamy centre awaits!

Mamamia…was I glad to be greeted with a beaming golden pan like this!

The creamy and a tad fluid-y chicken and vegetable stew underneath was a total cold buster, so comforting.

If you feel under the weather, or just need a little comfort from this ever bustling & noisy cosmopolitan, make a trip down here – a small corner situated inside this retro-chic  boutique hotel, quietly soothed by these comfy food.

Address: 383 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209001 (Kam Leng Hotel Lobby)
Open Daily
7am to 11:30pm
Till 2am on Friday & Saturday


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