Weekend Brunch @ Ochre (SG)

The stairs leading to Rooftop Garden at Orchard Central mall

Rooftop garden snapshots

Antipasti buffet selection

A weekend brunch was such a treat, especially after a week of toiling.

Honestly, if not for a friend’s credit card 1-for-1 voucher to dine here, I wouldn’t have known of this originally priced of S$48++ per person weekend brunch.

You get to choose a main course on top of the antipasti and dessert buffet spread.

Veal Paillard main course – and other antipasti items including Mushroom Risotto and Burrata with Parma ham (on the right)

I had veal cooked to medium well dressed in their very flavourful brown sauce.

Antipasti spread was passable, it covered bread basket, a variety of thin crust pizza, seafood salad, smoked duck, capresse and the likes, if you are a beef tartare fan, help yourself here.

I found that the best pasta choice was the sage ravioli (on top) and I also took a liking to their eggplant parmigiana.

Also, our table was served with a one-time dish of burrata & parma ham plate, as well as a small plate of poorly cooked mushroom risotto.

A lot of misses here rather than hits.

Remember – ask for coffee or tea, it’s inclusive.

However, I feel that if you are here for an a-la-carte meal, the quality and servings will be dramatically different.

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6634 0423


One thought on “Weekend Brunch @ Ochre (SG)

  1. I quite agree the risotto were bad, did not think much of the pizza either :-) still the antipasti were good & just a good buratta would set you back S$36 at Capri & maybe S$45 at Valentino and your buratta pic good good here, on balance it was a good deal with the discounts..w/o discount the food cannot justify the price & they have to get the pasta pizza thingy right in any case to be a decent italian eat. :-)

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