Ah Chiang’s Porridge (SG)


Along Tiong Poh Road
Porridge order counter
My first customised porridge – abalone, century egg, fish slices, some greens and fish maw (will be approx. S$6)

The creamy texture of the congee here was very comforting.

It came with a thick consistency but not sticky.

All the rice grains were broken down, subtly flavoured as well.

Ingredients were fresh and chunky.

A perfect pit stop during the rainy evenings or for breakfast – open at 7 am.

Raw fish slices. Name forgotten. (Left) fresh water fish (Right) sea water fish
For vegetarians out there, fret not. All vegetarian porridge is available aka Buddhist porridge (fuo zhou) here. Consisted of thick shitake slices and egg, just as flavourful as the normal ones.
Century egg side dish
My second helping – customised congee of shitake slices and fish slices with some chopped century egg.
His fish porridge with added abolone, century and egg yolk.
Also available retro biscuits (left) sugee (right) almond based – all made in house
Be surprised! Delicious mango pudding also available here.

Mango flavour was pretty intense, smooth custard nonetheless.

UHT fresh cream was served on the side.

A bowl of smooth chilled bean curd to end the dinner.

The stall is certainly keeping up with the current food trend.

Silky smooth and pretty strong tasting soya bean curd is commendable.

Worth a try!

Address: HDB Tiong Poh #01-38, 65 Tiong Poh Road, Singapore 160065
Note:  Walk past Drips Bakery Cafe, the shop is opposite from the bakery cafe, just a little further down on the same road.
(another branch at Toa Payoh)


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