Durian Combo (Goodwood Park Deli)

I savoured the annual launch of Goodwood Park Deli’s durian cakes and pastries two years back, read here.

After a year’s gap, I was back here to savour their new durian offerings.

This time, I took away the Durian Combo available only from 1 to 31 March 2013. 

The Durian Combo S$37.45 (including GST 7%) – front view

The other front view. Durian Mousse Cake (right) S$11+ per slice

Durian mousse cake is a staple of Goodwood Park deli, available year after year.

Durian Chocolate Marquise Cake, a wicked blend of D24 mousse, rich chocolate with crushed biscuits and an almond sponge base (S$11+ per slice)

The small ice crystals you see on these pictures will be gone if you thaw them in the fridge for a good few hours before eating them.

I like the bitter sweet chocolate base to complement the creamy and pulpy durian mousse, not something you get to eat often.

Durian,Pandan&Coconut Cake (S$11+ per slice)

I love how the pandan fragrance totally complement the durian ‘scent’.

They did not overpower each other, and on top, the creamy coconut icing  dotted with freshly grated coconut was a perfect rounder up.

Their signature classic Durian Puff (S$7+ for two)

As usual, these classic puffs were as great.

Durian Macadamia Crumbed Tartlet (S$10.80+ for two)

The crunchy chopped macadamia gave the palette a good contrast against the creamy durian mousse inside, crumbly tartlet too.

Have a look at their Durian Fiesta menu for your take away or you could have a high tea buffet over these durian sweets.

That’s it! My durian dessert fix for the time being was done!

Address: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22, Scotts Road, Singapore 228221


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