White Garden Themed Food Republic @ Suntec City Mall

Chinatown Tan’s Tutu: Coconut & Peanut Tutu (3 pcs $3) (10 pcs $6) (Plain 70c)

Food Republic branch at Suntec City Mall has undergone a massive makeover, or rather a total face change, relocated to the basement at the mall –  just next to Fountain of Wealth.

Now, this branch was designed after the White Garden Theme.

White metal chairs against white tables, brightly lit interior, and stalls after stalls of delicious food lined up around the circumference of the food court – a food garden indeed.

Peanut filling of Kueh Tutu

Even though it is S$1 each (normally 3 pieces for S$2), I found it a delight to be able to snag some kueh tutu in this area.

Coconut filling of kueh tutu

Fresh coconut flakes mixed with gula melaka syrup (palm sugar syrup) is always my favourite kueh tutu filling, this version was packed with juicy filling. Eat it hot!

Chai’s Original Fish Soup Double Fish Soup $5

A bowl of fish soup noodle is one of my favouritest hawker food in Singapore.

I always order the fried and sliced combination – to have the best of both world.

The broth was pretty subtle (hope this would improve), however the fish chunks and slices were fresh tasting. The bitter gourd slices to boot.

Gu Zao Mian No. 1 Kway Teow Soup $6

I love this soup broth, it was clear but very flavourful.

The mixture of meat balls, prawns and minced meat eaten with noodle was another winner dish for a light meal.

Choose their guo tiao (flat rice noodle) as your carb base, the noodle was chewy and smooth, really good.

Avocado with Milk from Stall 1b Juice Bar

I tried watermelon juice and avocado juice from this juice bar.

No sugar added.

I recommend both highly.

Seargeant Chicken Rice Steamed Chicken Rice $5

I never tried the original stall serving this chicken rice, so no comparison could be drawn.

The plate here contained tender poached chicken, as well as the roasted ones.

I especially love the very flavourful rice served aside, the grains were not oily at all, also came with a tinge of gingery taste (hard to find).

I could just have their flavoured rice doused in their vinegar chilli sauce and a bowl of soup to wash down.

Fu Lin Yong Tofu Min 6. Pcs, dry $4.50 (front); Minced Chicken Mushroom Gravy with Noodles (back)

I actually passed by this Fu Lin Yong Tofu stall in Siglap gazillion times but just never had the chance to try it out.

Finally, I managed to chew on these items at this very branch.

The brown gravy was tasty, and a little starchy.

The stuffed lady finger and fried bean curd skin stuffed with meat paste were particularly delicious.

Overall, I was happy with the consistent quality and tasty dishes savoured.

Many thanks to Yiling from Touch Comm and Food Republic Suntec branch manager for arranging this multi-course dinner.

Address: 1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, near Fountain Terrace, #B1-115 to 120 and #B1-126/127

Total Number of Stalls –  18 stalls, 3 mini restaurants



2 thoughts on “White Garden Themed Food Republic @ Suntec City Mall

  1. Hi,
    Would like to clarify the pricing of our Chinatown Tan’s Tutu kueh at Suntec city / Vivo city / Parkway parade is at 5pcs for $3, and never a dollar for a piece. If any of our employees unknowingly collected the wrong amount pls kindly approach them or feedback us at Chinatown.tan.tutu@yahoo.com.sg

    God Bless
    Rebecca on behalf of Chinatown Tan’s Tutu

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