Simply Wrapps & Fruitz Craze (SG) – 100AM First Food Tour

Avocado Juice (with Gula Melaka and Nata de Coco) – so good!

Not too long ago, 100AM mall Facebook Page (managed by Noisy Crayons) threw up a sign-up contest for their first ever 100AM Food Tour.

I promptly signed up and waited for an email notification to see if I’m lucky enough to be on board with this programme.

I was elected (together with 4 other pairs) and got to bring my plus one along!

Hence this entry. First of 3 parts. 2 more entries to follow.

Beetroot juice (Major Overhaul)

This refreshing juice contained not only beetroot, but also celery and apple, perfect for the health conscious one.

I love how de-greasing it felt to wash down the food.

Cold pressed juice – hard to find in SG

One highlight to how the juices here were processed which really got me.

That is the COLD PRESSED method.

Through cold pressed, not only most of the vitamins and minerals of the fruits were retained, also, the juice do not separate as easily as the blended counterpart.

Simply Wrapps signage on Level 3 of 100AM mall

Fruitz Craze is essentially under the same owner of Simply Wrapps, they are situated side by side sharing the same space but two parallel kitchens.

Wonder of Sumatra – tender beef rendang chunks inside wapped with heaps of fresh mixed vege, dressed in yoghurt mint sauce (S$8.80 /S$10 for 10″/12″)

I must commend on the teeth tender and very well flavoured meat fillings.

Heaps of fresh mixed vegetables were thrown in, the wrap you will get is literally ‘swollen’ with the ingredients.

Also, take note of the paper wrapper that was invented by the owner himself, where you can peel off in gradual descending manner – like a lint roller, so no mess in eating the packed wrap.

Taj Mahal – Tandoori chicken chunks packed with fresh julien vegetables and mint yoghurt sauce dressing

Smoked salmon wrap, very light and refreshing, oh so healthy.

Amazing Thailand – succulent chicken cooked in green curry paste, served with sweet lemon sauce and heaps of fresh greens

My favourite flavours were Amazing Thailand and Wonder of Sumatra, the heavily spiced versions in other words.

Healthy and filling lunch with a tub of cold pressed fruit juice blend to wash it all down, I will be back.

Address: 100 AM, 100 Tras Street, #01-12, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 079027
Facebook Page


2 thoughts on “Simply Wrapps & Fruitz Craze (SG) – 100AM First Food Tour

  1. yes, i was surprised that I actually like wraps here because normally i avoid those overpriced salads and wraps in town with puny portions :)

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