The Oyster and Crab Restaurant (SG)

The facade

“The introduction of this 3,000 sq ft Dining Concept is a Gastronomy Contemporary Dining, headed by Chef Asai Masashi and its group of well-trained Culinary team. The main focus is on delicacy dishes based on Crab and Oyster recipes. One of the main themes is live seafood like King Crab, Hairy crab specially imported fromHokkaido- flown in twice a week.” – from 100am website

In continuation to the 1st part of 100am food tour, here was our second stop for a luxurious seafood tasting.

Once you enter the restaurant, an alluring midnight blue bar met the eyes on the left, for the after-work crowd.

The teppanyaki bar and chef station on the right.

The VIP room decorated in Japanese recessed seating style. Apparently, per person needs to spend at least S$90 to make use of this room.

First course of omakase, the left view

This tasting platter consisted of four types of very fresh seafood items – deep sea crab leg, fried stingray, freshly shucked oyster in soya sauce marinade and cod fish liver (the one in the yellow dish).

First course of the omakase still, the right view

The crab meat was so sweet.

Oyster was smooth.

First time trying cod fish liver in its original form, the slightly salty marinade brought out its sweetness. Nice take.

Second (and also the last) course of grilled lobster with uni atop and also cheese/mayonnaise, served aside were some grilled salmon pieces topped with fresh fish roes.

Lobster gratine came with bouncy flesh even after high heat treatment in the overn.

Grilled salmon slices came with crispy thin skin, matched well with the juicy fish roes.

Ala carte dish items priced from S$16 – S$30++ onwards, set lunch going for S$8.90++ (correct as of mid-Mar 2013).

Address: 100 AM, 100 Tras Street, #01-08, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 079027 (entrance located just outside the mall)


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