hic’Cup Concept Cafe (SG)

The signage at the entrance.

hic’Cup is a homegrown brand name who focused on hot and cold drinks blended from fresh& healthy ingredients.

This was our third and last stop of 100am food tour (held back in mid-March).

The left of the interior.
Some of the drinks tasted.

Full fledged menu here.

Their wide range of drinks are certainly the main stars here.

I especially liked Cocoa + Genmai (hot) combination.

Plum Punch (ice blended) came with the intense sour plum kick – just the perfect one to the recent hot spell.

Savoury crepe – cherry tomatoes, chicken fillet and cheese

I was actually very impressed by the supporting actors too – crepes.

Savoury one is S$5.90 each whereas sweet crepe is S$4.90 each.

Breakfast crepe!
Tuna melt crepe
Sweet crepe – strawberry slices, chopped almond and chocolate sauce.
Sweet crepe – banana slices, caramel drizzles and chopped almond.

A cafe that serves crepes in wide variety of flavours, and did the crepes well so you could enjoy the slightly crispy skin loaded with ingredients.

Have it washed down with a cup of healthy drink, worth a revisit in my book.

100 Tras Street
#01-06 100AM
MRT: Tanjong Pagar
Other branches at Plaza Singapura and United Square
Facebook page


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  1. wanted to nominate you for best food blog award but can’t find your email!

  2. adel says:

    Hey I’m honoured, email add is adelycATgmailDOTcom, I’m totally jot following the blogosphere, what nomination would that be? I wanna check it out and nominate urs too, cheers!

  3. google omy blog awards. You can nominate yourself. Go ahead! Consider that I’ve nominated you. :)

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