Okada Coffee (SG)


Started way back since 1945 at a jewellery store in Japan, read their history timeline here.

The entrance – showcasing the coffee roaster (not visible here due to the encased glass’ reflection)

This is such a cozy coffee spot for a tete-a-tete.

Sugar sachets, there were coffee beans at the bottom of the container as decor.

This post covers two visits – one during tea time, another visit for their set lunch offerings.

The cake counter, made fresh in-house

~~ Set Lunch~~

Beef Curry Rice set S$16+ (includes a small salad and a cup of coffee, tea or yuzu soda)

The beef chunks were tender, rich curry sauce was flavourful.

A comfy food nonetheless.

Doria (Japanese rice, cream with chicken chunks) set lunch S$16+

I hit this very creamy baked rice using Japanese rice grains.

Very little chicken chunks inside, smallish portion.

The set lunch came with a bowl of salad, then the main course, and then a cup of their Okada blend in black (served with freshly whipped cream kept chilled).

~~ Tea Set ~~

Baked souffle cheese cake S$6+

Did I mention their cake portions here are small!

However, they do exude pretty aesthetic and quality.

Add S$4+ for their Okada blend as a tea set

I love how mild the coffee was and yet in thick consistency.

The side buttery biscuit was really nice.

The Okada black coffee was served with a small plate of airy light fresh cream, kept cold with the steel ice container below. How ingenious!

Coffee jelly! S$5+

Think affogato!

Except that the vanilla scoop atop would not melt so easily into the hot espresso. It was such a pleasurable pick-me-up!

I must come back for this again!

The tantalising parfait menu!

Dessert menu.

Address: 100 AM, 100 Tras Street, #03-23, Singapore 079027
Facebook page
Website (in Japanese)


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