TortaPistocchi Cheesecake @ Hilton (SG)

Checkers Deli cheesecake infused with chocolate from TortaPistocchi S$10

TortaPistocchi from Florence, Italy is famed for their dense and dark chocolate cake – almost like chocolate fudge.

I really wanted to visit their off shoot store outside Florence city centre during last summer trip but time was not permitting from the leather goods looting.

And by fate, I managed to see TortaPistocchi’s shadow and tasted it at Hilton Singapore’s Checkers Deli.

Look at the shiny chocolate glaze atop

I knew about it from here, and a pity I did not get to attend their chocolate workshop held during weekdays.

Neither did I manage to attend of their chocolate dinner courses…boo!

Anyways, after the 2nd trip down to the deli (because first trip down, I was told even the TortaPistocchi cheesecake was not available in slices),

I finally managed to taste a little bit the best of both worlds – chocolate traces from TortaPistocchi within the famed Checkers Deli cheesecake.

See also here for more pictures of this decadent chocolate creations brought in from Firenze!

The chocolate cake was only sold in full sizes starting from S$40 (check in store).

If you are budget conscious like me, try this chocolate infused cheesecake as the best bet.

Address: Checkers Deli, Ground Floor near Lobby area of Hilton Singapore


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