Canton Paradise (SG)

The custom made cutlery set

This is one of the Cantonese cuisine focused restaurants under Paradise Group on my list for a while.

And knowing the queue being typically long during Sunday lunch time, we arrived here about 3pm to have the first meal of the day.

Pan fried radish cake

Interior was in dark purple and mystic, quite a jump from the typical chic Chinese interior.

The white carrot / radish pan fried cake came with intense radish scent, crispy on the outside.

Crispy Duck Noodle

The chewy thin wonton noodle when mixed with the given seasoning soya sauce was delightful.

The duck skin did come with a slight crunch, the duck meat was fairly tender.

Custard bun (left); Crispy mango prawn wrap (right)

As usual, we ordered their famous custard bun (3 pieces),  also we ordered the fried mango & shrimp mayonnaise roll.

The same items found at their sister restaurant – Paradise Pavilion.

The fried mango & shrimp roll was not as well breaded as the one in Paradise Pavilion though.

Tea with Gula Melaka S$3.90++

This iced tea with gula melaka (palm sugar syrup) combination only found in this branch.

I thought it was ingenious!

Very smooth tasting with the addition of coconut milk, and of course the gula melaka smokiness and non-cloying sweetness combined well.

Prawn and chives dumpling

The packed dumplings were filled with fragrant chopped Chinese chives and roughly chopped prawn bits.

At the moment, tea time is offered here from Mon – Fri, hope to be back for that.

Address: 112 East Coast Road #B1-15, 112 Katong Singapore 428802 (other branches elsewhere)
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