Papa Palheta @ New Majestic Hotel (SG)

New Majestic Hotel

The side facade

from Papa Palheta Facebook page

Cappuccino S$4; Varlhona Chocolate Cake S$2.50 per slice

First time having Papa Palheta own roasted beans coffee, it was good.

The bakes are supplied by Cocotte restaurant.

The lobby area

The Space Program

The Space Program

The set up of The Space Program

The ceiling at the lobby area

The curved staircase

Not sure how long the pop up will be housed within New Majestic boutique hotel, make your way down there while you can!

Papa Palheta website.


2 thoughts on “Papa Palheta @ New Majestic Hotel (SG)

  1. $2.50 for a slice of Valrhona cake at a hotel cafe seems too good to be true. Very thin wedge? Cakes everywhere are hitting $5, $6 or even higher. Thanks for recommending.

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