Flor Pâtisserie (SG)

The facade

Time flies, for sure.

Looking back, it has been more than two years since I was here to enjoy their soft and airy delicate cakes.

The backdrop

This month, I had more time to tick off the places off my to-do list, as well as to revisit some.

The order counter, notice the fortune cat sitting by the wall?

Most of the time, I pay visit during off peak hours which was great, I could take my time to take pictures of all corners without offending patrons in the house.

Zoomed in on the pretty array of cakes!

Little gifts made of cookies and the likes

New Flavour – Coffee Jelly served with custard and whipped cream S$6.45

The chilled jelly cubes had the intense coffee taste.

When eaten with the whipped cream and the silky smooth custard pudding at the bottom, it came with hint of caramel. Both complemented each other.

Wakakusayama 若草山 S$7.30

Soft and light green tea sponge rolled in with very fresh whipped cream and azuki beans to boot, an all time classic Japanese cake done well.

Green tea and yuzu ice cheese tart S$3.40

If you see the ice cheese tart range at Pâtisserie Glacé, you are bound to see even more exciting flavours here.

This is because the Flor’s pastry chef was the ex-pastry chef at Pâtisserie Glacé before he set up his own shop.

I love the creamy yet airy cream cheese filling with a buttery crust at the bottom, yuzu flavour did not quite come through but green tea was certainly the main character playing here.

The cross-sectional views.

I could easily see myself coming back for a green tea pastry party at this quaint patisserie on an afternoon.

Address: #01-01, 2 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089588 (also available at Takashimaya Basement 2, Food Hall)
Monday to Saturday: 10.30am- 7.30pm
Sunday & Public Holidays:  10.30am- 6.30pm


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