Sophie Bakery (SG)

The facade

I adore French pastries and bread, the crusty exterior and yeasty chewy soft interior.

In Singapore, I abhor the exorbitant price tagged with these so-called European bakes.

Now, to my solace – here is a bakery that sells quality bread and limited choices of sweets, at a comparatively everyday prices.

Baskets of buns!

These fresh bakes are priced at S$1.50 (for a plain bun) each onwards.

No seating in the shop, only for walk-in and take away!

They serve coffee to go as well, if you insist to chow down on the spot, there are a few tables along the corridor outside.

The pay point

Chocolate Croissant (bottom) S$2.50; Turkey ham & Cheese bun (top) S$2

A moderately large chocolate croissant at S$2.50 is really good for such price.

Turkey ham & cheese bun was pretty plain, it is best for slathering soft butter over before each bite.

Lemon meringue tart S$4; Chocolate macaron S$2

The meringue tart came with a creamy curd, sourness was just adequate to counter the sweet soft meringue atop.

Tart base was decent, not soggy nor too crunchy.

Macaron was alright (no hard and pocket-filled shells, however no crispy outer layer too, dark chocolate ganache was pretty firm) for S$2.

For a shop that claims itself an Authentic French Bakery, it was odd that I didn’t spot any baguette around though, hope they will do it soon!

A fact: The owner behind this new start-up is a Polish lady.

Branches going through Singapore as well as Bangkok.

Cross sectional view of the lemon curd with airy light whipped meringue atop

~ Visited the newly opened Wisma Atria branch ~

Cheesecake S$2.50

This was a decent cheesecake that came in the size of a palm, a tinge of lemon in the well mixed cream cheese.

Kudos to the reasonable pricing.

I will definitely patronise this new bakery chain from time to time for their easy-on-pocket quality bakes and sweets.

By the way, I finally spotted baguette here going for S$2.90 each.

Address: Telok Ayer Street 167 – 169, Singapore 068618
Mo.-Fr. from 8 am – 7.30 pm
Sat. from 10 am – 4 pm


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