The Library X Sunny Hills (SG)

Sunny Hills Pineapple Tart & Oolong Tea – on the house

Sunny Hills pineapple tart needs no introduction, the brand is almost Taiwan’s emblematic food item.

The tarts are also halal certified, so no worries on religious restriction.

Tucked away along the quiet corridor inside Raffles Hotel shopping arcade.

Look at the packed pineapple filling

Upon entering the shop, you will be welcomed by a warm and friendly staff.

And then served a complimentary cup of Chinese tea (oolong at the time I was there) and a slice of pineapple tart.

Now, the library side within the same space

There is a huge long communal table placed in the middle of the spacious room.

One side of the store houses a pop-up library for browsing, perfect to spend a hot afternoon in such a relaxed ambiance.

No hard selling at all.

It was a serenity to be here and spend sometime alone.

The books available free for browsing on the premise

The colonial surrounding en route to Sunny Hills

Address: # 03-05 Raffles Hotel Arcade 328 North Bridge Rd., Singapore 188719
Tuesday to Saturday – 11am to 8pm
Sunday and Monday – 11am to 6pm


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