Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill (SG)

The view from the entrance

“Created in Paris in 1968, the Hippopotamus restaurant Grill has gained a strong reputation, especially in the Paris region, with the widest selections of cut from well-known Sirloin, Tenderloin and Rib Steak, to the rare Hanger and Skirt Steaks., at affordable prices. Hippopotamus welcomes diners in a contemporary setting and friendly ambience, conducive to a relaxing meal, making it a favourite meeting place for lunch and dinner, and meals with family, collagues or friends. Hippopotamus is owned by Group Flo SA, a France-based holding company that owns 300 restaurants, of which 135 are hippopotamus.”

– from the website

The dining corner at the back of the restaurant for large party function

ABR Holdings Limited brought in Hippopotamus chain into Singapore, located at Marina Square, the one and only branch in Singapore to date.

Couch seats available at the back of the restaurant for large group

The complimentary homemade potato chips

Started off with the Hippo Smoothie

Made with nectar, strawberry coulis, pineapple and banana!

Refreshing and healthy.

Complimentary and free flow fried calamari during Happy Hours

The calamari was tender inside and crispy outside, dipped into the aoili, perfect for downing beer with.

French Onion Soup S$8.90++

Alright beef broth laced with a grilled cheesed slice of crusty bread.

The six types of sauces to go with the choice of your steak.

Pepper sauce is my favourite!

The rest were Bearnaise, Stewed Shallot, Roquefort Cheese, Barbecue, and Homemad Thai Chilli.

Side dishes

All togethere, there are six types of side dishes available here.

My favourite would be potato gratin, baked potato (see below) then followed by ratatouille.

Other ones were green beans, steamed vegetables, French fries.

All mains come with a choice of sauce and two side dishes.

The tender baked potato as the side dish, my second favourite! The skin was crusted in sea salt flakes, dressed in sour cream and fried bacon bits!

The staple French fries.

Caesar Salad S$8.90++

Goat cheese on toast salad S$9.90++

I could have this on its own for lunch, if you love stronger cheese with a hint of game taste, hit this one.

Bone barrow with toasts S$11.90++

Escargots cooked in the classic garlic butter  S$16.90++

The popular dish Beef Skewer- approx. S$24++

This is a perfect beef tasting dish for the indecisive one.

The skewer consisted of four types of cuts – Sirloin, Rump, Skirt and Hanger steak.

Grilled Game Hen S$21.90++

U.S imported Cornish Game Hen, the skin was grilled to slight crispiness, whereas the meat inside was fork tender.

Perfect to go with a homey potato gratin.

Skirt Steak S$18.90++

“Skirt Steak is a cut of beef from the plate of the mule. Long and flat, it is often neglected because it is not known for its tenderness.

Rather, it is well-loved for its strong  flavour in every cut. Armed with this insight, we urge you to give this underdog a chance.

Its  striking flavours are as distinctive as they are rich.”

BBQ Pork Ribs S$19.90++

Tender meat coupled with smoky and rich BBQ sauce, reasonable price tag to boot, perfectto!

US Pork Chop (deboned) S$19.90++

Another perfectly grilled crusty exterior, and tender flesh underneath.

Premium Chilean Silver Cod Fish $36.90++

Crispy grilled skin on the outside, this restaurant is really good with the grilling skills.

Buttery and flaky fish underneath, drizzled over a touch of fresh lemon juice, oh-so tasty and healthy.

Grilled King Prawns $22.90++

For the crustacean lover, you could look forward to these huge and bouncy grilled prawns.

They were naturally sweet too.

Chocolate mousse (back); Creme brulee (front) S$7.90++ each

The unassuming milky chocolate mousse in the cup was delicious.

Airy and light, the more I dug, the deeper chocolate taste was.

Look at the crackling sugar coat and smooth custard beneath

The smooth and creamy custard was really good, intense vanilla tasted.

Molten chocolate cake – approx. S$9++

This picture tells a thousand words.

Thick gooey chocolate centre flowing out, awaiting to be greeted with spoonful of cold vanilla ice-cream.

Grilled pineapple with vanilla scoop – approx. S$9++

I love this hot and cold dessert combination too, not found easily.

Grilled pineapple came with the smoky meat taste (due to using the same meat grill), I didn’t mind that at all!

You will be happy to know weekday lunch treat available here at S$15.90++ for a limited choices of main + side dishes + dessert!

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-204/205 , Marina Square , Singapore 039594 
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm (daily)


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