Fish & Co. revamped menu (SG)

Upstairs interior at Park Mall Glasshouse branch

All along, I quite like Fish & Co. dishes because as a seafood lover, this is the ideal and pocket-friendly place.

Not only the seafood offerings are wide varied, they are also palatable types very suited to the masses ranged from students to the young working crowd as well as family gatherings.

The enticing seasonal menu!

Recently, the restaurant acquired Halal certification.

So, mocktails are available here only, believe me, they were not bad at all!

Crabcakes with tartar sauce.

These crabcakes were alright.

I would prefer to have harder and crunchier crust on the outside.

Fillings were a little doughy, however for less than S$15 on two crab cakes, it was acceptable.

Shrimp & Clam Aglio Olio

Love fried garlic bits and chewy spaghetti, this one fared well, no complaints for fresh shell fish added to this classic dish.

The platter of Grilled Prawns, Butter Curry Clams and Pan-fried Dory

This platter is from the more premium range on the menu.

Well thought out seafood put together, just perfect for two persons sharing.

The curry flavoured clams were well coated with the spices, not hot at all, great to enjoy with a small-appetite kid plus an adult.

Bombay Fish & Chips

I have had their normal fish & chips before, their crispy light batter has always been good.

This curried batter was even better, perfectly thin and crunchy.

The flaky white fish underneath to boot, flavourful eaten on its own.

The curried tartar sauce was spiced up but not hot, a welcomed change in the normal tartar to dip the fries in.

New seasonal item – Grilled White Fish topped with Ebiko (shrimp roes) and mozzarella cheese.

My favourite dish got to be this seasonal item, try it before it is over.

The moist white fish was topped with melted mozzarella and ebiko, the salty and briney topping levelled up the whole seafood experience.

Oh yes, as a potato junkie, I assure you this mashed dressed in sour cream worth the carb allowance.

Coleslaw was a little heavy to match with the creamy ensemble, on its own, it was fresh and tangy.

Baked Ginza Salmon

Sashimi grade’ salmon coated with savoury furikake seasoning, baked to 80% doneness and topped with teriyaki balsamic vinaigrette.

The sesame crust was really crispy, added so much toasty aroma to the tender flaky salmon underneath.

Another great new dish – available for good.

Mocktails – Lychee Mojito, Passion Fruit Mjito and normal Mojito

My favourite was lychee Mojito, sweet and sour also minty, all in a refreshing glass.

Served as a nice palette-cleansing between the different food.

Chocolate eXXXstasy (portioned out)

Thinking of a chocolate dessert to close the meal, have this localised chocolate milkshake first.

It will do the job.

The original pint size is easily good for at least two persons sharing.

The original huge pint size (taller than the mineral water of 300 ml)

I will be back here with my family for a get-together.

Address: Glasshouse, 9 Penang Road #01-24, The Park Mall, Singapore 238459
Opening hours: 11:30am to 10pm daily
*Alfresco dining available


2 thoughts on “Fish & Co. revamped menu (SG)

  1. It’s a pocket friendly place for seafood of quality, it’s not of premium ones but fresh enough :) Give it a try

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