Swee Choon Dim Sum (SG)

One of the three menu leaflets given to browse, while waiting in line for our queue number to be called out.

I have seen this dim sum place having check-ins million times on Foursquare and FB, also appearing on local food blogs like mad.

It is a midnight dim sum haunt around town (apart from Geylang), not only that, to be able to taste fresh dim sum into wee hours of the morning, this is the one to visit.

Open from 6pm onward daily, except Tuesday.

We came here around 9pm on a Saturday night, waited along the narrow crowded corridor, accompanied by the relentless incoming crowd and also the road construction structures on the main road.

It was approxomately 25-min wait. A chaotic somehow organic Singapore experience.

Banana Prawn Fritters S$2.80+

Alright, do note that you can da bao the fried and baked dim sum items from their shop front if you do not wish to wait in line to sit in.

However, those pre-fried ones will be kept in a warm glass case, you will have to compromise on the texture and freshness front.

We ordered this banana fritter because of its novelty, not seen elsewhere as mango is normally paired with prawn in a fritter.

It was interesting, crispy batter was not not cloying.

Their in-house special item – Mian Xian Guo S$2+

This pan fried cake was made up of literally stir fried mian xian coupled with Chinese sausage and aromatic bits.

Inside of the Mian Xian Guo

It was mian xian inside out, interesting bite nonetheless thought not mind-blowing tasting.

Har Cheong Gai S$7+

This was the most expensive dish we ordered this round.

It was worth the calories!

Intense and heady fermented shrimp paste was in the tender wings and on the batter itself.

Also ordered Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings S$4.20+ (3 pieces, no picture here).
Freshly deep-fried crunchy skin with springy minced prawns within.

Har Gow S$2.20+ (2 pieces)

The skin was thin and it did break a little.

The fresh whole prawn filling was tasty.

Custard Bun S$3.60+ (for 3 pieces)

The salted egg yolk custard here was quite strong, very buttery and easily one of my favourite ones out there.

Total bill was about S$29 including a drink (S$1.80+) each which can be skipped, wet towel of S$0.40+ each, and an appetiser of pickled radish strip was served upon seated S$1+.

Address: 191 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208882 (within walking distance from Farrer Park MRT or Lavender MRT)
Opening hours: 6pm – 6am daily, closed on Tues


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