Paddington House of Pancakes (SG)

The facade

Paddington House of Pancakes is a pancake chain based in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

A young chap here brought the franchise right, and started off with his first branch in Singapore.

The menu is a little different from KL ones – but selection was dizzying and seemed endless.

Upon entrance

The concept is simple.

It is the place to find pancakes from all over the world.

Crepe (France), Flapjack (US), Blinis ( Russia) and the likes.

Mango Lassi – approx. S$7++

I started off with this tangy yoghurt drink, it was really creamy and mangoey, not cloying at all.

Iced Mocha

I did not taste nor note down the price of  these two chocolate based milk shakes, thought they looked rather attractive.

Iced Mint & Chocolate

Grilled Cheese Nachos – made of fried thin pancake batter instead of the usual corn chips.

This came in a large 9″ deep bowl, easily good for 4 persons as a snack.

The overall combination was rather dry and lacking flavour.

If the thinly grated cheese atop to be  replaced with the nasty tangy yellow cheese sauce all over, and lots of it, that would change the level of enjoyment.

The dip trio for the nachos above.

The dipping came in sun-dried tomato, processed cheese sauce and the white one seemed to be olive oil & cream cheese mixture.

Dollar pancake salad with cherry tomatoes and sliced sausages.

This carb-loaded salad was served with the sun-dried tomato dressing (see above).

The combination was alright and interesting!

The fluffy coin sized pancakes were in abundance among the ‘chips’, tomato cherries and green leaves.

I feel that you need to drizzle in at least two small bowls of the given dressing to make it not so dry.

Oslo Flapjack – approx. S$16++

This was the winner dish of all.

Flapjack batter was fragranced with bits of caramelised shallots, pan fried to fluffy all around.

The big swirl of  smoked salmon slices made the day, eaten with the sour cream and creamy scrambled egg.

So simple, so hearty and simply the best combination.

Another view – so many smoked salmon slices!

French Crepe Dijon – served with lamb shank

I felt that the crepe was too thin and tasteless, thinner than how a crepe should be.

The almost well-done lamb was smothered in whole grain Dijon mustard together with chopped onion, celery as well as fruit slices (peach and plum).

It was sticky, fruity and heavy tasting.

The combination was rather adventurous but a little heavy after a few bites.

Strawberry Pancake Sundae

Dessert round!

And more pancakes!

This sundae was really good.

The glass was filled with crushed biscuit crunch, strawberry slices, vanilla scoop, and their signature dollar pancakes in there, topped with whipped cream.

Coconut & Pineapple Filled Pancake stack, served with maple syrup.

The grated coconut filled pancakes topped off with a vanilla scoop.

Drizzled on with the smoky maple syrup, the sweetness was balanced out by the sourish pineapple bits inside the pancake.

It could be a good meal on its own.

Close up of the dessert pancake stack.

I would love to revisit the Oslo Flapjack more often, if only the branch is nearer to city centre.

Overall, the normal pancake textures were good.

Given the reasonable pricing, this pancake shop warrants a visit.

Address: Paddington House Of Pancakes, 180 Kitchener Road, #02-35/36 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539 (Exit I @ Farrer Park MRT)
Website (outdated menu)
Facebook page


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