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Right, this is probably the first ever dedicated cupcake review you get to see on this blog.

Can I say I was never a fan of cupcake?

I’m a macaron fanatic, yes, always will be.

So, here I was at this cupcake specialist store (hailed from Holland Village) who just set up a second branch in Tiong Bahru.

This bakery needs no introduction, it created the cupcake rage a good while back.

The work in-progress shop front (kitchen at the back)

It was a Saturday evening.

The sky was pale grey and just recovered from a bout of heavy weeping.

The sprinkles on display.

It was so warming to come upon a warmly lit shop front with minimal furniture.

We picked a bench and sat down with a cupcake each, and a cup of cappuccino (S$4).

The jazzy music was playing in the background.

The scrumptious cupcakes!

I must say these cupcakes tasted exactly as described.

Non-frill decor.

Salted caramel icing was intense, the tender caramel cake batter was great.

My dark chocolate cake batter was really soft, the dark chocolate ganache topping could be more, the crunch from cocoa nibs was good   (not easy to spot these locally).

Salted Caramel (left); Chocolate Ganache (right) S$3.50 each.

 These delicious cupcakes are converting me to become a fan.

Macaron still my first love though.

I will be having two more cupcake adventures, stay tuned.

~ Revisited on a late Oct-13 weekday evening ~

The done up interior

The bakery and goods are sold in the air-con room.

Quality and unique baking utensils on sale.

Salted Caramel Cupcake is so moist and intense S$3.50, love it.

Address: Tiong Bahru Estate  •  1D Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168641


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