7Adam (SG)

Walking up the hill from the bus stop to the restaurant.

I took a 45-min bus ride from home to reach here.

The bus stop is placed at the foot hill of where 7Adam Gallery Restaurant is, walk a few metres up the slope to reach the restored colonial house overlooking the main road.

It was like an adventure coming out here for a casual fine dining, at the same time, a session of arts appreciation and/or acquirement.
Note: casual dress code is totally allowed here, or rather no dress code per se.

The facade decorated with art pieces.

Travel up the stairs, you will be greeted with this charming and relaxed dining room.

The dining rooms are decorated with art pieces for viewing and sale.

Here’s another dining room with a brick wall.

This is the lounge area dotted with art pieces and paintings, across from this couch, there is a bar.

 We had the following tasting menu for a low down of  the new Executive Chef Reynaldo Paulinho Arriola who specialises in modern European cuisine fused with Asian influences. Chef Reynaldo was trained at SHATEC and later earned his chops by working alongside two-star Michelin Chef Thierry Marx. He has also held positions in highly  acclaimed restaurants in Evian and Bordeaux, such as Relais De Margaux and Evian Royal Hotel 5-Star  Gastronomique Restaurant.


Pre-appetiser: Veloute of Trio Pepper Soup

 Blended sautee capsicum of three types which were naturally sweet and a little smoky when cooked, the soup really started off the appetite.

Appetiser: Carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallops

Fresh thin slices of scallops topped with roes, it was a true seafood burst in the mouth.

It made me anticipated the next course even more.

The white wine paired with the appetiser round.

Pre-entree: Celeriac Lasagne layered with Sauteed Spinach and Duxelle Mushrooms with Morel Jus

The lasagne sheet was made of celeriac, overall combination with the wilted spinach and all, it was rather healthy and crisp tasting.

The construction was great, I was perhaps looking forward to a more intense flavour at this stage.

Entree: Salad Foie Gras Cubes with Figs, Apples and Pinenuts Sauteed with Ginger

Finally, we have arrived at something warm, something oiler which I was glad for.

The seasoned apple cubes worked against the pan fried foie gras (liver) cubes, it was great.

Deconstructed Sprout Risotto, Sliced Truffle and Emulsion of Mushrooms and Wine

This creamy risotto dish scented with truffle and white wine was perfect. 

Except that the risotto grains were actually made of chopped beansprouts.

Each bite was juicy and crunchy, it was a bold dish, adventurous and rather amusing to the palette.

Main: Grilled Atlantic Mackerel with Soy Served On Potato Galette Stuffed With Parma Ham, Truffle Olive Rice

I was in love with the thin, crispy and perfectly made potato galette.

Oh I wish I could come here on a weekend brunch just for this, paired with sour cream and smoked salmon – ok , this was only my imagination, this combination does not exist.

The tender mackerel was good but I was never that into mackerel to begin with.

I felt that the potato galette took the limelight because I’m a potato junkie.

Main: Pan Seared Wagyu Striploin Served With Thai Asparagus and Potato Fondant, Green Lime Infused Beef Jus

A quality seared wagyu cooked to medium, I could not find any fault with this plate of art.

Take heed to the potato fondant served here which I would called chips back in UK/Ireland anyhow.

Crispy on the outside, fluffy and soft within.

The chef had a way with the potatoes I must say.

Close up of the wagyu

Next, this was one of the most anticipated courses for me, the dessert round!

Hazelnut Parfait Garnished With Cocoa Soil, Pistachio Biscotti and Financier.

I was glad not to stumble upon the tiring and uninspired desserts (such as chocolate molten cake, tiramisu… urgh!) found in almost all types of Western restaurants, be it pizzeria, Italian, French, German restaurants … you name it.

The intense hazelnut presented in the solid iced form made me smile.

The added crunch and nuttiness from the paper thin pistachio biscotti was marvellous.

White Wine Poached Peach Served With Vanilla Crumble, White Wine Granita and Sesame Tuille

This ingenious combination for a dessert was so refreshing and definitely cleansed the multi-course meal.

I enjoyed how well the chef put his creativity in arts and taste on the plates thus far.

Overall, I must say the casual and convivial interior offering fine dining was encouraging.

I thought it was worthwhile to take the time and make a trip out here for a meal.

Chef Reynaldo Paulinho Arriola

On the gallery side, 7Adam offers guests a world of visual delights with its eclectically curated
contemporary art pieces which are changed every eight to ten weeks. These artworks are displayed
throughout the restaurant – paintings adorn the walls while sculptures are set on pedestals or stand on their
own in various rooms and dining sections.

7Adam has held solo exhibitions for both established and up-and-coming artists from Singapore and in the

region including Kumara Nahappan, Ling Yang Chang, Poh Siew Wah, Dawn Kwan and Sujak Rahman.

7Adam also has held various group exhibitions by local and regional artists.

Set lunch is available at S$37++ over 3-course by another resident Chef Wong.

Set dinner is not available as of website display, do enquire with the restaurant.

Address: 7 Adam Park (best to drive up here), Singapore 289926
Opening hours:
11am to 11pm daily (Restaurant)
11am to 08pm daily (Gallery)


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