Spathe Public House (SG)

The menu page.

We decided to check out yet another industrial-chic casual restaurant on a public holiday night.

It was 9pm when we arrived, and luckily we managed to get a seat on the spot for an impromptu dinner out.

One of the graffiti around.

Sure, they are famous for their short list of communal servings of food.

Especially the signature Mohamed Sultan Metre Dog (S$55++).

Mohamed Sultan Meter Dog S$18++ (individual serving)

And no, we were not interested in that metre long hot dog, so he had an individual portion.

The springy and ok tasting hotdog wedged between the toasty soft hotdog buns, inside there was a spread caramelised onions at the bottom.

It was a simple and tasty food, but at S$18++? And paying for something I could make myself at home?


There was a pile of non-dressing salad, not even a pile of chips were thrown onto the plate.

Sure I won’t make hotdog from scratch (not even sure if this restaurant make the hotdog themself – to find out), but I could buy good quality ones from a butcher store, the overpowering onions will kick up the flavours anyways.

Potato Gnocchi S$18++

We were totally underwhelmed.

To add salt to the injury, this gnocchi of mine arrived like 20 minutes after the hotdog.

So, it was like me looking at him eating, then he played Candy Crush while I finished up the food.

After such long waiting time, I was expecting the gnocchi to be uber delicious, coated in creamy savoury sauce as the chef seemed to have taken time to prepare it, and also since it falls under Spathe Classic box on the menu.

Well, the factory-made tasting gnocchi was dressed in tomato sauce, mixed in with 3 pumpkin cubes (so little that I could count and remember) and wilted spinach crumbles, topped with stingy bits of ricotta.

That was it!

I made similar dish at home before and better tasting, the partner said so too.

Two extremely underwhelmed dishes in one seating.

Maybe we chose the wrong dish, maybe we should have come here in a group to try out their communal dishes.

I don’t know, not keen to be back.

Address: 8 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-01 , Singapore 238958


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