Swirls Bake Shop (SG)

Sat noon time range of cupcakes!

Since my last first ever cupcake store visit, I ventured out to another specialist store tucked away on a quiet lane along Robertson Quay.

See the mini ones at the bottom shelf? These are half price of the regular size.

Cupcakes here available in 3 different sizes:

Gobble Gobbles (Bite Sized Tiny’s) – approx. S$2.50
Regulars – approx. S$4
Colossal (Giant Cupcake) – price unknown

I took away two regular cupcakes.

Today’s Special (left); Hazelnut (right) S$4.25 each

Today’s special on that Saturday noon time was Chocolate Cheesecake!

I only hope they make this permanent.

Today’s special flavour – chocolate cheesecake!

Being a cheesecake lover and a chocoholic, this is a genius combination!

You also get crushed biscuit crunch at the bottom, and a dollop of dark chocolate bite at the top.

Not to mention the slightly tangy and creamy rich chocolate infused cream cheese in the middle.

Hazelnut cupcake with Nutella swirl inside.

This was essentially a chocolate cupcake with Nutella swirls within.

Topped with hazelnut butter cream frosting.

Probably I had this after the chocolate cheesecake (above), the flavour paled in comparison.

Swirls definitely packed a punch in terms of ingredients, flavours and weight too in their cupcakes.

Whereas Plain Vanilla has good flavours overall, very soft and fluffy cake textures, their cupcakes’ toppings nor fillings were not in abundance.

Ah, it’s only natural that I visit the ubiquitous Twelve Cupcakes right? Stay tuned!

8 Rodyk Street
Unit 01-08
(Off Robertson Quay)
Singapore 238216


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