Florida’s Natural Juices (SG)

Some of the Florida’s Natural juices and the orange pack (limited time only).

Florida’s Natural serves only juices squeezed from their own groves in Florida, NOT from CONCENTRATED.

For a limited time, bags of the very Florida Natural oranges (squeezed to make the OJ) are also available – price to check in store.

1.75 Litre at S$7.90 is the normal price.
Promotion price spotted at Cold Storage going for S$6.90

Bottled 1L drinks at S$7.90 for two at NTUC Fair Price at the moment.

Chilled away in the fridge.

Lemon Juice and Apple Juice – S$7.90 for two at NTUC Fair Price (as of 25-May-2013)

The more acidic juices such as Apple Juice, Lemon Juice are not well kept in the normal carton box due to chemical incompatibility  hence high grade of plastic bottles are used instead. The bottles are sized at 1 Litre.

Fruit Juice Lassi (Serve 1)

  • 1:2 ratio of plain low fat yoghurt: fruit juice of your choice
  • Topping suggestions: Thin slice of citrus fruit or a sprinkle of cinnamon for Apple Lassi or chopped canned fruit or oatmeal

A ~550ml glass serving contained ~120kcal (depending on the yoghurt type and fruit juice brand used)

Orange Lassi with Florida’s Natural Orange Juice

  1. Prep a normal sized drinking glass, drop in the dollops of plain yoghurt, pour in the fruit juice, stir using a spoon / whisk until well combined.
  2. Top it off with the topping above mentioned.
  3. This is my breakfast on the go, and sometimes lunch for a busy weekend before feasting on dinner buffet.



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