2013 Spring @ Sushi Tei (SG)

The entrance.

We had a taste of Spring from Sushi Tei alongside with the perennial dishes from the normal menu.

The current Spring menu is running from now until 15 June.

Sayori Sashimi S$12 small / S$15 medium – Seasonal item

Sayori, a Spring delicacy, is a sleek silver fish with a distinctive long and protruding lower jaw and is hence also known as Japanese halfbeak or needlefish. Due to its delicate texture and flavour, it is best served sashimi style and a light shoyu dip is enough to accentuate its sweetness.

Worry about fishiness? It was non existent.

Fresh robust flesh, dipped ever gently over the shoyu, the sweetness came through.

Sashimi shipment arrives here twice a week.

Pinta Tofu – Seasonal item

This would be a Chinese twist, topped with a good dollop of small briney roes to add umami to the otherwise pungent palette.

Sesame based dipping sauce helped to add some fragrance to this cold dish.

Nokkemori S$24++ – A plate of assorted Maki with toppings of Salmon Roe, Raw Scallop, Sea Urchin, Mince Tuna w/Cucumber (Regular menu).

The actual seafood toppings looked even more dimensional than this picture.

Fresh, generous chunks of seafood to go with the two small maki base – my favourite.

Sashimi Moriawase S$22++ – Seasonal item

Amaebi Karaage (Deep fried shrimps) S$6++ – Seasonal item

If you are somewhat health conscious, this deep fried plate is good for you as it was such a glucosamine (joint supplement ingredient derived normally from crustacean shells) rich dish. Oxymoron eh?

The small shrimps were deep fried with everything in tact to a good crunch, very nice to have beer with really.

Kani Gyoza (Crabmeat dumplings) S$6++ – Seasonal item

I love this for they were packed with sweet crab meat – unfortunately mixed with some flour too for binding.

Well, I could not blame that for having it under a tenner.

Crusty dumpling skin on one side, sweet and bouncy filling within.

Sunrise Meat Ball (S$8.50++) – a minced Kagoshima pork ball with a salted egg yolk centre – Seasonal item

Kagoshima Pork (with black skin), freshly imported from Kagoshima Prefecture by Sushi Tei, this particular type of Pork is sought after for its sweet flavour and rich fragrance, combined with its delicate texture and juiciness.

This delicate meat is featured as part of the current Spring menu.

Sushi Tei being the local sushi chain, some of the items are naturally inspired by the local and neighouring cuisines.

The crumbed minced Kagoshima pork accompanied with the salted yolk centre was an interesting mix of sweet and saltiness. Kudos to the this innovation nonetheless.

Tako & Shirasu Yaki Udon S$13.50++ – Seasonal item

Sushi Tei’s fried Udon features a generous helping of sliced cabbage, capsicum, bean sprouts, onions, baby sardines, pieces of octopus – all stir-fried with a splash of Yakisoba sauce for added sweetness. This generous portioned dish is great as a full meal on its own. Customers have a choice of Ramen noodles if they so desire.

I like the fact that octopus pieces were cooked just right, yielded easily to the teeth and not rubbery at all.

Salmon Ikura Oyako Don S$16++ (Regular menu)

Partner’s favourite rice bowl for the evening as he did not venture into the Kagoshima pork dishes.

These are deep fried fish parts from the prior sashimi plates, no wastage! And they were crunchy to bits and delicious.

Teriyaki Steak with Garlic S$12++ (Regular menu)

The steak was cooked to medium, it was smothered in the flavourful garlicky gravy, perfect dish to go with a bowl of rice.

Kagoshima (Black Pig) Miso Yaki Pork S$11.50++ – Seasonal item

The pork soaked up the miso marinade, very tender meat, and very enjoyable to go with white rice too.

Kagoshima Pork Hamburger S$8++ – Seasonal item

The Japanese version of a hamburger steak, each pork patty is a dense 130g of finely ground Kagoshima pork loin. The flavoursome patty features finely chopped onions, carrots and a balanced sprinkling of salt and pepper. It is then lightly grilled on a hot plate. The accompanying saucevis a traditional Okonomiyaki sauce with a hint of sake for extravoomph.

Want a change from the normal Japanese hamburger, TRY THIS! It was uber-licious!

Inside of the hamburger.

Kagoshima Tonkatsu S$12++ – Seasonal item

*Crunch* *Crunch*

You heard that?

The juicy succulent pork inside retained its moisture.

Kagoshima Pork Nabe / Sukiyaki (S$15++) – choices of soup base available: Shoyu, Miso, Spicy or Sukiyaki Soup – Seasonal item

Here, we had the Spicy Soup.

It is the kind of dish for a homely feel after a day’s work, the pork slices turned out soft still after blanching in the spicy broth base which came with a very slight hint of sourness – like kimchi.

Ready to go!

Matcha Nama Chocolate Ice Cream S$4.80++ (front left); Nama Chocolate Ice CreamS$4.80++ (front right); Matcha Wafer ~S$3.40++ (back)

In the past few visits to Sushi Tei, ordering desserts here never crossed my mind.

After this bout of dessert attempt, I would re-order them.

The nama ice-cream like nama chocolate was intense in both matcha and chocolate flavours.

When served, let them sit on the table for about 5 minutes so you could taste the intensity and enjoy the smooth molten texture.

Salt & Red Bean Ice Cream S$3.40++ – Seasonal item

I am sure whoever loves salted caramel for its salty sweet sensation would dig this too.

Texture was very creamy and tasted fairly milky as well.

Pino Strawberry S$3.40 ++ (6 pieces) – Regular Menu

This was a fun dessert – it was frozen when served.

The same, let it sit for a few minutes before tasting.

Bite into the hard chocolate layer, your tongue will enjoy the melting moment of a strawberry burst out from within.

Chocolate Parfait S$6.50++ – Seasonal item

The parfait consisted of Koko Krunch cereal from the bottom to all the way up, then topped with a big scoop of milk chocolate ice-cream. Strawberry sauce was drizzled on as well. I found it to be a rather boring dessert.

Overall, I enjoyed the tantalising savouries from the Spring menu and also the ice-cream desserts in all forms.

391 Orchard Road #05-30/31
Podium Block Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238873
(other branches island wide)


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