Dining @ Cedele (SG)


The grocery selections at the entrance.

Cedele is almost synonymous to sandwiches and carrot cakes on this island.
This article is about the savoury offerings instead.

When I first dated with him and during one evening, we had a row on Cedele pronunciation which I insisted probably is French and might have started up by some ang moh. He insisted pronoucing it with a hard C infront — KE-Day-Lay which I couldn’t stand. Anyhow, over the years, we resorted to sounding it as See-Day-Lay.

I digress.

This bakery cafe chain was the pioneer (long ago before the current bakery cafe craze) promoting quality and healthy bakes, she advocates No Trans Fat, Organic Unrefined Sugar, Grapeseed Oil and Gluten-free dietary dishes.

Coffee here is of Fair Trade and Organic (decaf option available too).

It’s comforting to know that Cedele’s foods are also free of preservativeschemical emulsifiers (commonly used to shape the cake better) and additives.

The bakes!

Sometimes, when I pass by Cedele bakery, I like to take away the mixed berry tart (S$3.80 each), lemon curd piece S$2.80, as well as chocolate brownie S$3.80.

Cedele’s ever popular carrot cake (S$6.50 per slice)

Apple Cranberry Cinnamon Lassi S$6.70++

Lassi here was toned down from the original heavily spiced ones.

Only organic yoghurt is used in the lassi drinks.

This combination was punchy and great for breakfast too.

Burmese Shan Tofu S$8.90++

No preservatives nor nasty powders used in the coagulation process in making this tofu, and they are sourced from local supplier who delivers daily to ensure freshness and quality.

The fried garlic chips and fried shallots are made in house daily to ensure quality!

Chicken & Walnut Salad S$15++

The grilled chicken fillets were spiced up nicely, lean as well.

Light coat of Balsamic dressing on the fresh greens served with fresh young walnuts, t’was hearty and healthy.

Vegetable Stacks S$18++

The tomato coulis at the bottom was also the base tomato sauce used in their pasta dishes, and that was fantastic! Cooked and blended to the right consistency, not watery, not sour, with a touch of light smokiness.

The grilled vegetables were cooked just done, so the integrity of the vegetables and taste could be retained.

The bottom stack of grilled sweet potato Kumara was sourced from India for its unique texture and sweetness.

I could eat this everyday, and be a vegetarian without realising it.

Prawn Paprika Risotto S$17.90++

For this price, it was worthwhile to have such amount of fresh and sizeable prawns.

The paprika coated grilled prawns were bouncy on the teeth.

Risotto grains were a little soft, smothered in the rich but non-cloying spicy cream sauce with a handful of crunchy edamame for bites.

Lemongrass & Lime Fish Pasta S$17.90++

It was a steal to have such big slab of grilled and spiced sea bass on top of a refreshing chewy pasta.

Everything on a plate was well balanced, after this plate, you will walk out feeling satiated but not bloated.

Black Pepper Crab Pasta S$17.50++

I guess this combination would be most Singaporeans’ favourite.

No crab shells to pry to get to these sweet crab meat, on top, you get a crunchy fried soft shell crab.

Each linguine strand was tangled with lots of crab meat shredding, no heavy sauce thrown in, it was well flavoured with the light seafood stock.


Sampler sizes of Cedele popular cakes: Carrot Walnut, Red Velvet, Chocolate Banana Espresso, Blueberry Hazelnut Cheesecake, Strawberry Rose Cake (Mother’s Day selection)

My favourite dessert round!

Sure Cedele cakes were so home made tasting and fresh, ironically healthiest ones available out there.

I  L O V E the bluberry hazelnut cheesecake, chocolate banana espresso and yet to try gula melaka pandan cake.

The cake sponges were all moist, full on flavours seeped out from the raw ingredients and not greasy tasting at all.

Sea salt caramel ice-cream / S$3.80 per scoop

Also, they launched Sea Salt Caramel Cheesecake and ice-cream in the early years, way ahead of this flavour which now became the recent trend.

Mocha Affogato – about S$7.50++

I wasn’t expecting a ice-cream coffee float but this rendition was welcomed.

Especially liked the creamy and chewy chocolate swirls from the ice-cream.

Do you know that Cedele’s sister outlets also include Cloud9 Ice-CreamToss & Turn Salad & Soup Bar, and  P.L.T Sandwiches? Yeah, you can expect foods from these outlets to be as healthy.

~ Revisited the week after ~

Mango Lassi S$6.70++

This glass was utterly creamy from the organic yoghurt with faint taste of mango.

Beef Bacon Works Sandwich S$15.80++

This was literally a burger in disguise! *Highly Recommended*

It was SOooooo GOOoood!

The juicy and nicely grilled patty combined with melted cheese, crispy ‘lean’ bacons wedged between the toasty ciabatta – I repeat, order this!

This sandwich beats some of the popular beef burger joints out there for sure.

Rose Chicken Curry Pasta S$16.90++

I wanted to try Rose Laksa Pasta that I had years ago at Wheelock Place branch but at Great World City branch, only Rose Curry Pasta was available. I made do.

It was a hearty and fragrant curry pasta dish with a good few chicken chunks. No coconut milk in there which was great.

This dish paled in deliciousness after I had partner’s beef sandwich :(.

Each element in Cedele food is put together with nutrition value and uncompromising taste in mind.

Overall, the savouries at Cedele were impressive in such an honest way.

Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-01/02 Great World City, Singapore 237994
(all-day dining spots also available at #03 Wheelock Place, and #03 Raffles City shopping centre)


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