Ice-cream @ Moments Of Delight

Moments of Delight indeed – at Bedok Point shopping centre.

Having found another quality home grown ice-cream shop is such a delight.

Especially during this hot spell among the erratic downpours on this tropical island.

About 13 flavours of ice-cream available here, though not wide varied however each flavour was made with good dose of sincerity.

Each of the flavours were pretty strong, and if you like boozy one – hit the Rum & Raisin flavour, you will thank me for that – it has the strongest alcohol in its league.

Also, highly recommended are their smooth intense Salted Caramel, as well as Nutella with Hazelnut & Marshmallow bits.

If you love something tangy and refreshing – mango sherbet, lemon sherbet (quite tart, but I likey!) and strawberry sherbet were available in full fruity taste.

I had the luck to chat with the owner – Stephanie, she revealed that the ice-cream was made with fresh ingredients – real fruits as well as full cream milk & cream.

Each flavour was churned out in small batches to ensure freshness, without preservatives and whole lot other funky stuff.

Iced Latte S$6.50

Ice ice … latte.

I only hoped it contained one more coffee shot as the huge glass had probably 80% of milk instead of coffee,

but it would be nice for someone who just want an ice milkish drink.

Waffle with Double Scoop of Sea Salt Caramel (left) and Rum & Raisin (right).

Waffle with one scoop is S$7, about S$10 for double scoop (check in-store). 

Since there is only one waffle machine here, weekend tea time wait that involves a baked waffle could be testing if you are hungry. Well, it was worth the wait definitely.

The waffle was toasty on the outside, fluffy and eggy inside.

Matched so well with the creamy smooth scoops atop.

Waffle with Sea Salt Caramel (front) and Nutella Chocolate (back).

This portion was my late lunch and I was glad that the calories were saved for this baby.

I will be back for this.


Apart from baked waffle, you could also opt for a pastry to go with the homemade ice-cream.

Varied options are – double chocolate macadamia brownie, chocolate lava cake and apple crumble.

Chewy Cookie (top); Milo (bottom).

We also tried Milo and Chewy Cookie to curiosity.

Milo was really malty and well…Milo-ey! Good version.

Whereas for Chewy Cookie, texture was as good, it paled in comparison to the strong contestants – salted caramel and Nutella hazelnut.

After this visit, I decided to prefer the ice-cream here than the overrated Udders down at Siglap.

Given the reasonable pricing on such quality ice-cream and waffle offered, I have no doubt to revisit for a waffle & ice-cream fix.

Address: Bedok Point #03-34, Singapore 467351 (10 minutes walk from Bedok MRT)
(another branch at Telok Kurau)


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