Madam Kwan’s (SG)

The entrance.

I was actually scoffing off at the opening of this outlet hailed from Kuala Lumpur – it must be overpriced and probably not as good.

That was my prejudice.

The  restaurant reviews on paper clippings displayed on the entrance wall. 

He is a big fan of Malaysian style nasi lemak (typically served with chicken curry).

And knowing Madam Kwan has set a foot print in Singapore, I was dragged here based on his persuasion of ‘it is still cheaper than buying air tickets to KL’.

The menu cover.

Their homemade condiments of belacan cili and sambal.

Black & White S$3.50+

I was surprised at how intense the soya milk was, tasted homemade.

Syrup was served on the side, t’was thoughtful.

Nasi Lemak served with Acar on the side S$13.90+

Another surprise, the food served here tasted as good as the ones we had back in KL on numerous occassions.

The tender chicken chunks smothered in the signature’s thick and aromatic curry sauce – just the type to have white rice with.

Char Keow Tiao (CKT)  S$14.90+

This version of CKT is neither typical Malaysian nor Penang style.

It is Madam Kwan’s another signature dish.

The slightly smoky plate of chewy rice noodles tangled with the right amount of egg strands and beans sprouts.

Quite a lot of fresh tender squid and chicken chunks thrown in as well.

The service here was fast whereas the warmly lit interior was comfortable enough admist the boisterous conversations.

Address: #01-152/154 Vivocity


4 thoughts on “Madam Kwan’s (SG)

  1. Yeah,shall we say blog review is more accurate? Haha! I was actually tempted to go back again thinking ‘still cheaper than going to KL’ :P

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