Korean BBQ at Bornga (SG)

The entrance facade at Vivocity branch.

BORNGA – Korea’s leading authentic BBQ restaurant chain sprouted not only across her home country, but also spreading through to Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, USA, China and of course Singapore.

Vivocity is the second outlet on this island followed quickly by the opening of the first branch at The Star Vista mall.

Established since 2002 in Korea by Mr. Paik Jong Won, one of the country’s most renowned celebrity chefs.

Chef Paik Jong Won

This second outlet at Vivocity has even wider selection of dishes to choose from, and I will introduce a few new dishes below.

Cold soup appetiser – lightly tangy and spiced, a perfect one to awaken the appetite for the dinner to come.

A cold kimchi based soup, eaten typically after a grilled meat bout but since we are a bit ang moh-nised after British colonial time, why not start off with it first.

The six types of complimentary refreshing appetisers to get the appetite worked up.

My favourite would be the julienned spring onion coated subtly in light oil and the pickled radish strips which came with a slight crunch.

The homemade kimchi was really strong, if you like smelly fermented food, you will sure like this one.

Four types of condiments on the side, which I thought were redundant really as the meats were heavily marinated or very flavourful on its own already.

Sliced garlic was my favourite because its scent was released against the hot grilled meat when wrapped together within the fresh green leaf, and it added so much kick to the palette.

Also, I added the garlic bits into my soup – t’was oomph!

Let’s look at the charcoal that will grill the following range of meat.

Before we see the meat…you have to know this PATENTED long tray of very fresh and nutritious vegetable selections!

There were 10 varieties of fresh vegetables for diners to wrap the hot grilled meat.

I was really impressed by the display of glistening fresh greens – using vegetable to wrap meat is way healthier than flour based wrap anytime.

If this is the way to encourage vegetable haters to have their fibre dose, I do not see any complain.

NEW! Yangnyum Dwaeji Galbi S$33++ (220g) Pork ribs marinated with speical house sauce

Are you one of those who love to munch on bones to suck out the last bit of flavours?

This is the dish for you.

The marinated pork ribs after grilling…

After finishing the sweet marinated flesh, go ahead and have your bone chewing time!

Woo Samgyup S$28++ (200g) – the classic signature dish of Bornga

BORNGA’s Woo Samgyup is served shortly after being basted with their special Bornga dressing that retains the meat’s own colour.

Woo Samgyup is best enjoyed when dipped in the signature Woo Samgyup sauce – a PATENTED creation too. The Woo Samgyup sauce is imported from Korea to all Bornga branches throughout the world to ensure uniformity in quality and taste.

Woosamgyup on the grill…Chef Paik’s patented recipe of thinly sliced US beef short plate seasoned in Bornga’s secret marinade.

Look at the nice marbling on these tender US beef short plate.

Woosamgyup, after the grill, so tender!

It took just a few minutes to cook through these sweet tender slices, so good to munch on when wrapped up in a green leafy.

NEW! Mansinjang Samgyupsal S$24++ (200g) Tenderised pork belly dotted with parsley flakes, salt & pepper.

These strips of pork belly were tenderised through and through using a dedicated machine which we could call a tenderiser technically.

The succulent meat are flavourful on its own, sourced only from good welfare farms, mere sprinkles of salt and pepper needed before grilling.

The cut up strips of tenderised pork belly after grilling.

NEW! Sundubu Jjige S$18++ Spicy assorted seafood soup with tofu and egg.

For such a big portion, this was a value priced dish.

Also, the amount of fresh seafood and variety topped it all.

NEW! Dwaeji Gohchujang Barbeque S$36++ Spicy pork slices that are grilled, stir fried with spring onion, served on a sizzling hot plate.

NEW! Yukgaejang S$20++ Spicy beef soup with shredded beef, scallions, bean sprouts and chewy thick glass noodles.

A peppery soup with deep beefy flavours.

Very apt for a rainy evening the very day we were here.

NEW! Bornga Bulgogi S$45++ (Serve 2-3) Beef hotpot featuring marinated beef fillet with Bornga special sauce, fresh vegetables and mushrooms and glass noodles.

Served in an all-copper pot, this was like an embodiment of Thai mookata with the taste of Japanese’s sukiyaki hotpot.

You get the best of, say three worlds!

It was a very delicious dish to dig in and nicely portioned for a comfortable sharing among three greedy eaters.

The baddies underneath the greens unleashed!

What made this hotpot really Korean must be the heap of fresh greens in different varieties thrown atop.

The sweet broth infused with the essence of grilled beef drippling was comforting, ask for a bowl of white rice now to go with it, worth the carbs!

Other recommended Korean classic dishes are Haemul Pajeon ($22) prepared with scallions, seafood and tiny crisp shrimps.

Another good order is Budae Jjigae ($40), also known as the ‘Army’s Stew’, consists of kimchi, sausage, spam, baked beans, cheese, slices of rice cake and vegetables in a huge sharing pot – imagine a campfire dish, Korean style.

Overall, we really enjoyed the quality and wide varied meat offered, not only you find good beef selection, pork selection is being given attention too – especially in Singapore.

The clean environment, clean servings, comfortable set up and most of all tasty meat here warrant our next visit.

Address: Vivocity, #02-123/124 (Harbourfront MRT); also at The Star Vista, #02-24 (Buono Vista MRT)


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