Breakfast Specials @ Beanstro (SG)

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves’ sister (full-fledged and casual) restaurant – Beanstro started off with the location by the whirlpool fountain inside Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes, now housing the second branch inside Ngee Ann City.

Brunch and eggs need no excuses why they are all rage.

You will be glad to find reasonably (comparatively to nearby you-know-which all day breakfast places) priced egg-centric breakfast sets at Beanstro of Ngee Ann City branch only from 6 May to 31 July 2013.

Caramel Espresso Con Panna S$4.70++ – It was actually in a very small palm size glass, not as tall as perceived by the camera lens.

I digress – onto coffee first.

I ordered espresso here which I normally don’t at a regular third-wave cafe, because from only this little cup I could find the strongest caffeinated liquid to perk up my day.

As you know, normal coffee or tea servings at CBTL come in a large tall glass and too milky.

So, you want a strong cuppa, hit this.

$13.50++ Egg Royale

All of the thick toasts served here were really fluffy inside – I only wish they could be toasted a little more for extra crunch around the skin.

Also, you will find a slice of almost melted torched cheese on top of the toast, stacked on by the eggs which were drowned in a thick and smooth Hollandaise sauce – torched atop again for colour.

These smoked salmon was fairly salty which I had no qualm with, the saltiness will help to season the poached eggs as you eat along.

$12.50++ for the Egg Florentine

The stir fried garlic scented spinach added a very homey touch to this plate. Thick smoky turkey hams to boot.

This is a Halal certified restaurant if you are wondering.

Working our way through the smoky turkey ham and aromatic wilted spinach atop…the black bits were freshly ground pepper milled on request.

Did I mention the side salad, how refreshing and zesty the dressing was?

Do not ignore the greens, munch on it.

My cup of tea called Sook Puh-er Cha Chrysanthanum – it was fragrant and soothing. S$4.20++

As a heavy tea drinker even though you mainly see cappuccino being featured on this blog, this concoction was really calming, and helped with the cloying feel from the multiple yolk dishes.

$13++ for the Egg Beef Patty

Shall I say, this was a burger in disguise?

The patty shrunk up, on the dry side – not quite pleased with it but I do see room for improvement – it was a very original combination nonetheless.

$14++ for the Egg Salmon & Asparagus

The blanched baby asparagus were bunched up, tightened by a torched sliced of smoke salmon.

Lesser smoked salmon here with extra dose of crunchy greens on this plate – your call!

Overall, we were happy with the quality and taste on these four breakfast varieties.

Moreover, it is right in the centre of the main shopping street on this island.

A good place to fuel before taking off to GSS looting on the Orchard belt.

Address: Beanstro @ Takashimaya S.C, #B1-37


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