Seventh Heaven (SG)

The take-way menu located at Level 2 of Orchard Central mall.

I am so delighted knowing Seventh Heaven has finally set up an ice-cream cafe on Orchard Belt.

This ice-cream shop has been on my to-do list back during the days when she first started at Raeburn Park (near Spottiswoode Park HDB), then before I could pay a visit, she relocated over to 112 Katong mall (if I’m not wrong), and finally this cafe has settled at Orchard Central mall for now.

And I am grateful to have Greg (Seventh Heaven) and his team’s hospitality to taste not only the ice-cream, but also dessert creations filled with ice-cream.

Part of the ice-cream selection – silly me, didn’t try any chocolate flavour at all!

Sample Menu II S$13.90 – (Left to Right) Butterscotch, Blackforest, Potato Chips.

We loved Butterscotch, it was intense and creamy, highly recommend it.

Even though Blackforest came in good boozy flavour, it was rather icy – it could be just the batch.

It always excite me to see sweet & salty combination on sweets – so I was expecting some good surprises. Unfortunately, the saltiness from the crushed potato chips did not come through, and my scoop was lacking chips too, ironically I found the chocolate chunks inside addictive.

The therapeutic range of herbal tea available here – and yes, t’was me in the background :)

Liberate Your Liver S$4.80 – It was so nice to wash down the sweets and liberated my liver and perhaps tummy indeed.

Cappuccino S$5.20 – good to go with the dessert creations.

Traditional Butter Cake Sandwich S$8.80 – Seventh Heaven’s more decadent version of an old school ice cream sandwich, with two flavours of your pick.

I chose Green Tea Azuki and Apple Cinnamon (forgot the name) scoops to go with this pair of warm butter cake.

I really dig the creamy and strong green tea flavour ice-cream, the azuki beans had some bites too which was good – not the usual canned sweetened read bean paste.

The very cinnamon-ey scoop matched fairly well with the dense and toasty butter cakes.

Salted Caramel Apple Crumble S$9.80 – A Granny Smith Apple Crumble with a touch of Seveth Heaven’s no nonsense salty caramel. A scoop of ice-cream tops it off.

This construction was aesthetically surprising.

Red velvet scoop was given, perhaps a classic vanilla scoop would be the best.

I adore how the small chunks of Granny Smith apple lined up so well, wedged between a dense chilled cake and a chocolate studded crumble top (which was addictive all the same).

Portion was huge, good for 2 – 3 pax sharing.

Finally, The BIg Show S$18.70 – yes indeed! One pancake, topped with one waffle, topped with one Milo mud pie, topped with hot fudge, topped with cream, topped with Milo powder.

And I just love this picture for some reason…I digress.

So, this combination could be a great energy boosting brunch item.

Definitely require 2 pax and above to finish.

I like the fluffy and buttery tasting pancake. Whereas the waffles found to be a little stodgy, but the brownie bits and chocolate laced atop were enough to ignore that.

The gigantic MUD PIE sprinkled with generous serving of Milo powder overwhelmed us totally.

It was so huge and tall! The subtle chocolate taste was just right to carry you through the heavier carb side on the plate.

In this hazy crazy hot weather, this could be your bet!

A section view of this super guilty and pleasurable combination.

Overall, we enjoyed the original dessert creations here and you will find ice-cream in every dessert combination.

There are still rooms for improvement and I am sure with the company’s expertise in ice-cream making, this could be ironed out in no time.

Address: Orchard Central, Level 2 – Full Service Cafe
also at Pasar Bella, and Gardens by The Bay (kiosk only)


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