Tirupthi Banana Leaf (SG) [Closed]

This is a rather interesting Indian restaurant – owner is a local Singaporean Chinese, located deep into the Chinatown area.

Worry not about the authenticity because the kitchen is helmed by a native Indian chef whipping up Southern Indian dishes.

The restaurant being situated just opposite one of the most popular Indian temples, the name and interior were advised by the temple elders.

Tirupthi Banan Leaf is only into about 4 months old, this restaurant was a full fledged Chinese restaurant before the conversion, under the same owner.

Along this stretch of South Bridge Road, this is the only restaurant offering particular Southern Indian cusines – where you will also find the local favourites like murtabak, dosai and prata.

Love eating on banana leaf and glad that the restaurant is serving that still.

Overlooking the popular Sri Mariamman Temple in the heart of Chinatown.

The tempting spicy cooked dishes! Yummay!

Mango Lassi S$5++

This version of lassi was creamy and tangy, not too sweet as found in other Indian restaurants.

Roti Tissue on request (price to check in store)

I did not spot this on their menu leaflet, be sure to ask for it if you are up for a sugary supper.

If not for the owner’s ordering, I would not have known.

Masala Dosai S$4++

The ghee flavoured dosai skin was crispy when hot, toasty and fragrant.

Spiced potato filling was the classic and my favourite supper staple.

Served with two side sauces and a small curry bowl.

Deep fried curry battered lady fingers S$7++ *Must Order*

Take heed to this DELICIOUS, aromatic and crunchy spiced battered lady fingers – deep fried!

You will turn into a lady fingers fan once you try this dish!

It is definitely an original creation to note – super addictive!

Deep fried cauliflower coated in sweet & sour sauce (price to check in store) *personal recommendation*

The chef is pretty innovative in flavouring vegetarian dishes.

If you want sweet & sour fish but without the fish, hit this one!

The deep friend cauliflower chunks were coated in a very Chinese sweet & sour sauce, tricked me into thinking it was white fish at the first two bites.

Potato Cake with spices (oops, forgot the dish name, describe this upon ordering) *personal recommendation*

Peppery spikes on this potato cake made it finger licking good, texture wise, it was not too dense yet not too airy within.

Chicken (or Lamb) Murtabak S$10++, good for 2 – 3 pax sharing.

While the murtabak skin on the outside was very crispy, I would prefer the chicken filling to be more moist to add taste to the overall palette – which unfortunately the curry sauce on the side would not do.

Chicken Dum Briyani S$9++ / Mutton version S$10++

I quite like this rendition of Dum Briyani which was flavourful, the rice grains were on the soft side.

Served in a Chinese claypot – a good showcase of Singapore’s melting pot culture.

Prawn 65 (S$10++)

The deep fried prawns were really crunchy, lightly spiced and battered.

I would imagine it as a good beer snack because Kingfisher beer from India is served here!

Fish Head Curry S$25++ Large / S$8++ Small

Either Garoupa or Snapper is served in this Fish Head Curry, depending on the fish availability daily.

The tender sweet flesh was accompanied by the tasty curry broth, which was not on the sour side like the typical local style.

I will welcome it as a good variety to one of the Fish Head Curry recommendations in Singapore.

Butter Chicken S$5++

It was full on ghee flavour indeed, very nice to wash down with a cup of hot masala tea.

Tirupthi’s Special Chicken Varuval S$7++ / Lamb version available (price to check in store)

I like the spice punches on this drier dish, however I found the meat chunks were a little tough which I think could be easily improved with the chef’s skills.

Overall, the Vegetarian Dishes here are excellent! I would like to go back to have them all over again.

The seafood and poultry dishes fared well in general.

It definitely worth a visit if you are in Chinatown given the reasonable price point and away from the touristic traps.

Address: Tirupthi Banana Leaf Restaurant, 241 South Bridge Road (S) 058790
Opening hours: Daily 11am – 10.30pm


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