MooJaa Thai BBQ Steamboat (SG)

The facade – along Keong Saik Road

MooJaa is not to be mistaken with the Mookata in the East, where mookata is a Thai generic term meaning pork bbq. Here at Keong Saik Road is the one and only branch – located deep inside one of the Chinatown veins.

‘When a couple get together, the male usually puts on a little happy weight, the lady in the relationship would then rub the guy’s tummy and go MooJaa (which loosely translates to…my lovely little pig)’ – there you go, another term you could pick up for your other half.

Charcoal in the works…

The mookata assembly takes place inside a recessed sink on the dining table, the sink is also equipped with exhaust holes on the wall around it piping out the more intense smoke.

The stock base pouring into the ‘cauldron’ for grilling and blanching later.

Homemade condiments, they were delicious! And hot and spicy!

Very nice to dip the fried fish skin into!

While waiting for the meat platter to arrive, we ordered the very sweet Thai Iced Tea and Lemongrass drink. S$2.50 each

Munching through Fried Fish Skin S$6 while waiting on the ‘kata’ to heat up.

I missed a snapshot of the cheese balls, these little molten cheese filled balls were tasty.

Due to longer cooking time, they will be served cooked alongside with the meat platter for munching on.

We had  a King Moo Set S$60 (and extra a la carte seafood items) among four of us – that includes US Angus Beef, Beef Slice, Kurobuta Pork, Pork Collar, Pork Belly, Boneless Chicken, Cheese Tofu, Abalone Slice and Crab Meat. Extra a-la-carte items were Squid, Scallop, Prawns, Pork Balls, Mixed Vegetables and Vermicelli.

First round of the meal will be served by the staff where he/she will arrange the ingredients into the ‘steamboat’….see the lardons at the peak of the dome? That is the essence of Thai moo(pork)kata(grill)! This round was grilling the pork and chicken…

We liked that the meat slices came prepared without any heavy marinade, the only flavouring was the lardons grilled throughout the course.

Almost done….

Here was the round for Angus Beef and Kurobuta Pork slices.

Sip the soup at the very end of of the grilling, the meat infused broth was finally complete with the needed flavours.

And after a few minutes of grilling and a flip over…

Overall, a fairly quality mookata set indeed.

Good news – if you are feeling peckish past 10pm, this is one of the only few places serving mookata throughout the night until 6am!

There are also Thai cooked dishes here – the usual suspects are Som Tum (green papaya salad), Green Curry, Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, you name it.

This shop is the obvious choice when it comes to late night meaty supper in town.

Address:  25 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089132 (10 minutes walk from Outram Park MRT)
Opening Hours:
Lunch : Monday to Friday 11.00am – 2.00pm
Dinner : Monday to Sunday 5pm – 11pm
Supper : Monday to Saturday – till 6am


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