Strangers’ Reunion (SG)

The entrance on one Sunday night…

After almost a year since the first visit, I was back here with bb and friends.

The late evening certainly had its charm – warm cozy interior over bites & coffee to soothe away the Monday blues.

The brightly lit and warm interior was like another world, once walked in from the somewhat sleazy stretch of Kampong Bahru road.

The whole menu, more or less…

Iced mocha S$6.50

Lightly sweetened, a good glass to the humid and warm evening.

Pepperoni pizza where the pepperoni slices where covered in a thick layer of melted mozzarella, wafer thin crust to boot, it was like the size of Pizza Hut’s Personal portion S$11

Came here hungry?

Have this one! Easy to eat and satiating.

The stellar food of SR cafe – waffle with a vanilla scoop and some fruit slices S$8.50

One heck of a fluffy waffle inside, a little crispy on the outside – corny and overused sentence I know, but that was how it was.

My personal favourite waffle could be crispier and more buttery on the batter packed with a little more gluten.

Anyway, you won’t regret hitting this one.

Then, wash it down with a iced coffee in these humid days.

Address: 37 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore, Singapore 169356
Opening hours:
Mon: 9am – 10pm
Wed – Sun: 9am – 10pm


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