Le Bistrot du Sommelier (SG)

Charcuteries menu took on my Instagram @somoofood

For our 1st year anniversary, I thought this would be the dead quaint restaurant for a romantic evening over rustic bistro food.

And we made the right choice (or rather I).

Duck Confit in Cassoulet Style S$34++

We should have shared a portion of the main course here – it was a humongous serving.

Thick slabs of bacon, crispy skin of confit duck admist the baked white beans.

This will bring you right at home.

Duck Rillette S$16.90++

I arrived hungry from and took to most of the duck rillette and gherkins.

The strong gamey shredded duck was toned down when eaten with the crusty baguette slices.

Onglet de Boeuf (the meat cut underneath diaphragm, tough cut, rare is recommended) w/French Fries S$30++

LOVE the salted French fries!

And the caramelised oinion dotted with seared garlic hiding the slab of beef underneath was another uncompromising portion.

Profiteroles! S$14++ *Must Try*

Ooo…I would return just for this homemade dessert through and through.

Crispy choux pastry sandwiching a big scoop of French vanilla ice-cream, drizzled over with warm molten chocolate sauce and sprinkles of toasty almond slices.

Overall, a bursting anniversary dinner.

Damage was about S$105 for two, well worth it!

Address: 53 Armenian Street, Singapore 179940


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