IndoChili (SG) – Tasting

Our seat near the entrance, love the balmy holiday feel inside.

Pretty spacious interior, and so cozy.

Gado-Gado – the rendition here was alright, flat tasting.

Bakwan Jagung (Corn Fritters) S$5.80+ – The fried fritters were crispy all around, a little springy inside, good tasty corn bits and chopped greens in the batter.

A portion comes in three big rounds of fritters, ultra light crispy in exterior, only the centre was thicker and fluffy inside, haven’t met a good corn fritter in Singapore but here.

Avocado Milkshake with Chocolate Sauce – classic Indonesia drink to wash down the meal, a good dessert on its own really.

Our main course to launch…

Cah Kangkung S$8.80+ – Water spinach cooked in chilli and shrimp paste, a firm local favourite and mine too for sure.

Udang Bakar Jimbaran – prawns are glazed with a special sauce you normally find in Jimbaran beach, Bali.

It was chargrilled to smokingly sweet – quite literally. Juicy flesh within.

If you have good teeth, the crunchy shell was great to chew on for full flavour.

The crunchy fried carrot shredding were surprisingly addictive too.

Sup Buntut S$14.80+ Oxtail soup, a non-brainer when it comes to Indonesia cuisine, the version here was good.

This broth was an utter enjoyment to a chilly evening.

Flavourful yet not oily, good chunks of oxtail underneath the soup bottom.

Squeeze in the lime and throw in the crisps, you will love it.

Feeling under the weather, hit this one with added coconut milk – Soto Ayam Lamongan S$7.80+

Soto Ayam here added with coconut milk, that brought out the turmeric based spicy flavours.

Lots of pull chicken meat within, very comforting to go with a bowl of rice.

This soup came with tan hoon inside (vermicelli).

Es Cendol S$5.80+

Cendol ice rendition here came with a much welcomed addition of jackfruit cubes. I like the deep gula melaka (palm sugar) flavour in the bowl.

Es Teler S$6.80+

Es Teler 77 is actually a trademark dessert  the Indonesia originated restaurant chain who invented this ice-kacang (ice shaving) drowned in condensed milk, topped with fresh chunks of coconut, avocado and jackfruit. There is one and only branch at Eunos for donkey years, but according to the Indo hubby, it’s no good.

In Singapore, Es Teler ice-shaving bares no such infringement, so Es Teler could be named in any restaurant really.

Ok, that’s the history.

Just order this, Must Order this, when you are here. And I would choose this Es Teler over any other dessert even Ice Cendol.

Address: 54 Zion Road, Singapore
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