SweetSpot Deli (SG)

The entrance

Have you been looking around for a New York deli experience in SIngapore?

Like hearty serving of corned beef and pastrami sandwiched within homemade rye slices with a classic side of pickle.

Well, your search can stop right here at SweetSpot Deli.

The order counter

Freshly baked breads and bagels to take home or have them as your dine-in sandwich.

This New York Deli concept is executed by executive chef of MBS, Christopher Christie.

The bakes made in house.

Well, we didn’t buy these croissants but they looked gorgeous.

Cheesecake is one of their signature offerings, and they’re available in many varieties. This mango cheese cake sure attracted our shutter bug.

Executive Pastry Chef Ryan Witcher also presents an impressive selection of cakes for guests to enjoy: “The cheesecake served at SweetSpot Deli is reminiscent of my time in New York City. It has that signature rich, dense, creamy bite and is available in six different flavors including plain and marbled. We also serve up two other great American classics- Lemon Meringue Pie and Devil‟s Food Chocolate Cake.”

Each cake is S$8 per slice for all varieties.

I started off with a hot chocolate S$6.80 ( large).

Catering also to the busy executives working in Marina financial area, the food is served on biodegradable disposable plates and cutlery.

If you are halfway through your food and need to leave, it’d be a good idea to be able to take them with you.

Corned beef, pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing on grilled rye. Guys will definitely love this! This is S$9 (regular 70gram); S$14 (large 110gram)

Top up S$4.50 to get a side and a drink to go with your sandwich – worth it!

We totally love this meat packed sandwich yet not greasy at all at the very last morsel of it.

Not your ordinary can tuna sandwich. This is line-caught Albacore tuna salad on rustic white bread…so good.S$8 regular; S$11 large.

This tuna sandwich was packed, filling and refreshing.

Another highly recommended meal would be Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, tomato and red onion on toasted sesame bagel S$13 (one size).

Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup S$6

Under the weather?

Come to this admist of the imminent rainy season, light and warming.

Coleslaw side S$2

The crunchy slaw was fresh and went down well with the regular sized sandwich.

Potato salad side S$2

If you do not feel like having sandwich, come by here for this potato salad and a bowl of the Chicken Soup with Matzo ball, it would be a low calorie yet fulfilling lunch.

Devil‟s Food Chocolate Cake S$8

As much as I love chocolate cake, I feel that the intensity of the chocolate used on this cake should be higher.

I requested for the chilled cake to be microwaved briefly before serving so I could taste the fudgy chococlate icing. Hmm….despite of the dark chocolatey colour and sheer size, I did not take a liking to it. It definitely has a big room to improve on.

A pity I missed the last Lemon Meringue Tart on the shelf.

Marbled cheesecake S$8

Cheesecake is one of the best things offered in this deli, really perfect for an afternoon tea spot.

The crumbly tangy cream cheese was really good.

Forget about the perpetually crowded Rasapura food court in the weekend – overall, I find this deli a good spot for a quick bite or a tea time – that is if you are in Marina Bay Sands Shoppes during the weekend.

And yes, I would be back for their bagel and cheesecake.



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