2013 Baked Mooncakes (SG)

Delifrance mooncake set *Halal*

Delifrance mooncake range for 2013, all Halal. S$42.80 for 4-piece per box.

The baked mooncakes are available in well-received dessert flavours –
Pure Lotus w/Melon Seed,
Walnut Tiramisu,
Pandan Lotus w/Custard,
White Chocolate w/Cranberry Paste and
Mango Lotus Paste w/Diced Mango.

Thye Moh Chan flaky mooncake set

Prefer ultra flaky skin and a little different filling other than lotus paste? Try Thye Moh Chan‘s range of mooncake.
Medium 4pc/box S$24.80
Large 1pc/box S$22.80

Available in Sweet/Salty Tau Sar (Single Yolk)  甜/咸豆沙 (单黄),
Yuan Yang  鸳鸯,
Double Delight  潮州双拼饼.
Also in Durian flavour and in the form of  Traditional Teochew Mooncake.

Look at the flaky layers of pastry and delicious fillings inside.

Photo credit: Marriott Singapore website. Box of 4 pieces at SGD65. 双黄白莲蓉月饼 White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk Baked Mooncake.

I noticed that the quality baked tradition mooncakes from major hotels these days are less sweet, that accentuates the nuttiness of white lotus seed, and Marriott version is comforting.

We bought two boxes at 20% off back in mid-Aug already for sending out to my famillies overseas.

Photo credit: Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore website. Traditional baked mooncake range for 2013.

Apart from the long anticipated snowskin range from Goodwood Park Hotel, the traditional baked ones are not to miss.

I was lucky to be given a box of White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk (S$59 for 4-piece) by my vendor, I like how less sweet the fragrant white lotus seed paste is, and good flavour in the moderately thin skin.

Here concludes my short and sweet compilation of the mooncakes tasted thus far, hope to taste more leading up to this Thursday Zhong Qiu Jie (Mid-autumn Festival) falling on 19-Sept-2013.

Have a good one!


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