Rochor Thai (SG)

The facade.

I love the rustic and nostalgic charm along Joo Chiat road.

The cute menu cover.

They are proud to claim non-MSG dishes here.

Po Taek – Clear Tom Yum Soup, the supposed more authentic and the real thing S$8.80, I concur fully.

I always love hot and sour clear tom yum soup bursting with citrusy notes from the chopped kaffir lime leaves and bites of cili padi bits hidden within the soup.

Start your meal with this soup to get the appetite going.

Kor Moo S$12.80 – Grilled marinated pork collar served with punchy fish sauce based dip.

The sweet crust outside the pork collar went well with the dip.

Pla Nin Pao S$22.80 – Grilled snapper stuffed with lemongrass served with a hot and sour chilli dip, slurpz!

The smoky grilled fish filled with lemongrass aroma was delicious.

Tender flaky flesh underneath the grilled skin (this picture shows the other side of the fish where skin was taken off).

Tom Yum Talay S$8.80 – this is the sweeter and milder version preferred by overall Singapore palette, tasted tomato-ey in fact.

If you could not take the heat, take to this milder and gentler version of what I call tomato soup – Asian style.

It was much sweeter and very suitable for kids, still, it was a flavourful seafood soup.

Gaeng Chu Chee Neua S$18.80 – braised beef chunks in sweet and mild curry sauce.

I was lucky to pick a somewhat tender beef chunk, the meat soaked up the thin yet tasty sweet-ish curry sauce.

It could go very well with a bowl of steamed Jasmine rice.

Gaeng Kawe Wan Gai S$11.80 – everybody’s favourite chicken Thai green curry.

I really liked the rather crunchy Thai round brinjal halves in this hot green curry dish.

I wish the curry dish could be lesser in coconut milk and heavier in the green spice mix.

Pla Krapong Daeng S$16.80 – tom yum paste coated fried snapper fillet *must try*

I love anything meat fillet, no mess in deboning.
And fish fillet stir-fry in any style is my favourite when it comes to Asian dishes.

The fresh flaky fish fillet was lightly battered and took on the sweet and spicy tom yum paste well.

Chef’s Creation – Drunken Prawn S$16.80, drunken being the perfect bites to go with beers.

Yes, good to see deveined and bouncy prawns.

The shell was lightly pre-fried before stir-fried to be coated with some sweet and sour chilli based sauce – the shell absorbed the sauce well, they were was crunchy and addictive.

Khai Niew Ma Muang S$7.80 – mango sticky rice, well executed here, and authentic tasting too.

Steamed tapioca served in sweetened coconut milk – comforting sweet end to the Thai-tastic meal.

Admidst the stronghold of Vietnamese restaurant along this stretch, Rochor Thai is a good welcome to add to the long stretch of Joo Chiat road.

I also spotted a good few specialty sweet shops on this humble road – for your dessert plan that is.

Address: 340 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427592
Daily: 11.30am – 10:00pm; Closed every Monday.


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