Ramen Keisuke Tori King (SG)

The entrance

One fine day, after running errands at Tanjong Pagar in the weekend, this ramen stall piqued our interest as it serves chicken broth ramen rather than the numerous normal pork based ramen out there.

This is the only second (maybe) ramen shop doing such after Marutama Ramen which has branches throughout SIngapore.

Well, I just have to compare these two ramen shops – the only two that I know of serving chicken base soup.

I was sorely disappointed with Marutama’s version while (luckily) extremely happy with Tori King’s version.

A non-frill Japanese ramen shop set up in 60’s/70’s feel.

This entries covered two repeated visits to Tori King, within a span of a week.

We tried all FOUR varieties offered and the verdict is below, read on…

Appetiser (free flow) – cold one, crunchy beansprouts soaked in sesame oil and chili oil, very toasty scent.

Green Cola – supposedly carbonated green tea, but we tasted Sprite like flavour and nothing fantastic. S$3.30++

There is a big long communal table placed right in the middle of the shop, if you come in a pair, you will be seated there.

The individual tables would be for larger groups.

Every item in the ramen bowl is customisable, for example, noodle texture, broth strength and toppings.

Oh yes, there are baskets of cold hard boiled eggs, and FREE FLOW to boot.

They are so good to munch on while waiting for the ramen to arrive.

Not to mention a wide variety of condiments to pick from – Mayonnaise, bonito flakes, chili powder, soya sauce….

Dan Dan Ramen (limited to 20 bowls per day apparently) – had to try!

This bowl will hit the spot for chili fans during the sporadic rainy days this month.

Essentially, the broth was topped with good drizzle of Szechuan pepper infused hot oil to lend the fragrance and surprisingly mild heat to the palette.

Green Spicy Tori King Ramen

So, this is an original bowl where the grilled chicken was topped with wasabi mayonnaise.

It was alright overall, the wasabi taste disappeared quickly into the soup.

You would get a little choking sensation, only a little from the wasabi.

Black Spicy Tori King Ramen *my fav*

I liked the black spicy version a lot. And I had this on my virgin visit to the shop.

The perfectly grilled chicken was coated in spice rub, tender inside and off the bone easily.

The ramen was cooked to a good bite, and the soup was rich and nourishing.

Original Flavour – Tori King Ramen

He liked the original taste and all the elements in it.

Done just right.

We noticed that the chicken was grilled better on the first visit (Sun evening) and was not as great on a weekday evening before the dinner crowd.

I hope the consistency can be done here.

If you collect Perx stamps on the app, do so here.

How retro…

Overall, I’m pleased with the chicken based ramen here.

I don’t mind to be back when they launch a new variety, always good to try new things.

Have a good weekend!

100 Tras Street
Singapore 079027


5 thoughts on “Ramen Keisuke Tori King (SG)

  1. hi there, how does that compare to the more common shoyu and tonkotsu ramen in regards to the broth. I dont know why but the fact that it is chicken based broth always makes me think of a normal chicken noodle soup and kept me from coming here so far. Reading your post though makes me think I should maybe reconsider. Thanks.

  2. I find the broth pretty rich and comforting. I am not into pork generally so biased here…I found pork broth smell too strong in most cases.

  3. thanks for the quick feedback. I might just try it out as you and other reviews suggested it’s really good, so I better give it a chance and then see for myself! Thanks again and have a nice day ahead.

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