Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru (SG)

The menu cover.

Japanese restaurants from budget to fine dining are abound in Singapore.

An affordable sushi shop where you can walk in donning casual attire and slippers, indulging in a wide range of deep sea fish sushi, perhaps this is the only one in Singapore.

Salmon Roes Sushi S$5.80++

Apart from the usual suspects – tuna, salmon, fish roes, scallops you see on this blog due to my unadventurous taste for raw fish.

I must bring your attention to their wide range of scorpion fish, bonito fish, and other ones that I couldn’t remember because not too common to come across. What I like about this shop, is the conveyor belt placed in the middle of the room circulating the fresh plates of sushi after one another.

More varieties streaming in past 11am.  Also, there will be fish of the day which is off the menu.

If you come in pair, you will be ushered to sit by it, great!

Salmon belly sushi (front); fatty tuna belly sushi (back)

Pricing is straight forward, comes with ++ surcharges.

Blue plate (cheapest) starting from S$1.80++ up to Golden Plate S$6.80++ (check in store).

There is a small range of bites available like corn croquette, soba soup, udon soup, gyoza … did not try any of it.

Hotate Sushi S$1.80++

Avocado & tuna sushi S$2.80++

Natto rolled sushi

Aburi salmon sushi

Smoky torched salmon!

Salmon sushi topped with mayonnaise & thinly sliced onion

Finely minced fatty tuna sushi

Overall, we enjoyed our Sunday lunch here, sticking to mostly yellow plates and a random few golden and black plates.

Rice grains were well flavoured with vinegar, cooked perfectly.

Even though sushi quality was not top grade, but fresh enough and good varieties for reasonable price points.

Service was prompt.

Damage was about S$25 per person over just sushi. It was a fulfilling lunch indeed.

I would recommend it to any sushi fans who wants hard core sushi range without breaking the banks.

Address:  Basement 1, Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road


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