Lady M (SG)

The cakes!

The modern classic furniture in white wash, before lunch time…

The selections spotted on a Thursday mid morning.

Tarts and sliced cakes!

I was so hopeful to try their famous Green Tea Mille Crepe.

Guess what! It’s not available anymore as it’s seasonal…according to the uninspired cashier.

Say what?


The original vanilla mille crepe S$8+

So I stick to the original classic vanilla mille crepe.

I am being frugal.

The prices for eating in at this cake cafe are ++, so I rather take away to be charge only 7% GST on top of displayed price.

The mille crepe travelled quite a bit before being devoured at home, so this ‘leaning’ mille crepe was a result of that.

Regardless, I liked the tinge of alcohol spiked whipped cream – that’s what I tasted, the thin layer of burnt sugar atop was a nice touch.

Mille crepe lives up to the hype.

Another point of view.

Address: The Dining Edition, #02-103, Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard


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