Morsels X Picky app (SG)

The row of edible plants at window sill.

Many thanks to Lucas from Picky app (available on iOS and Android) for a delicious and fun evening at Morsels restaurant.

The owners/couple were trained at two different culinary schools in California decided to bring the deliciousness coupled with creativity to Singapore food scene – Petrina and Bryan.

Every piece of decor inside the restaurant is collected by owners’ travelling.

The concept of Morsels – small plates!

Of course, this proves to be a problem when food is too good and we want more. Hence, a few dishes were pumped up to a normal serving size by customers’ requests.

All the elements that went into the scrumptious plates were as house made as possibly could.

Honest ingredients, sources and heartfelt preparation are some of the things you will be rewarded here.

There are some retro table set ups that are endearing.
Look up! Cheese graters as lampshades!
Table setting with my name :)
The delicious and light canapes before dinner.
Cooking demo by chef/owner Bryan – it’s squid ink with short grain rice inside.
Appetiser – Hokkaido scallop ceviche, compressed plums, tobiko, cilantro, red onion, homemade tortilla chips.

Cubed seafood cooked in acid, served with buttery tortilla – no wonder this is one of the best selling items in Morsels.

Staying very true to the restaurant’s name as well, every morsel was fresh, crunchy and addictive.

Compressed watermelon, mixed green salad, homemade basil ricotta cheese, green goddess dressing, candied pumpkin seeds.

An equally fresh and healthy tasting appetiser here – you will be glad to know the basil ricotta cheese was made in house, went pretty well with the juicy watermelon. Even pumpkin seeds were candied in house which add some sweetness to the greens atop.

Steamed clams, fig broth, homemade kim chee, pickled wakame, spring onion.

Hearty bowl of very fresh clams, superb broth to boot.

Served with reasonable amount of baguette slices, a perfect start to a cozy evening with your partner.

Firecracker pulled pork conchiglie pasta, habanero pesto, sour cream, spring onions.

Looking forward to something more substantial – this bowl of well seasoned pasta mixed in with flavourful pulled pork hit the spot.

Stir in the sour cream and not-so-piquant habanero pesto to add a smoother edge to the taste buds.

Mains – Grilled house poached octopus, spuid ink risotto, salted egg sauce, tobiko, wasabi sprouts.

Yes, you see it right – salted egg sauce. Made with simmering milk and tirelessly stirred salted duck egg yolk over 30 minutes for a small batch.  My table few found the combination overpowering, however I thought the salty bits from different ingredients matched each other well.

The squid ink and octopus broth infused Japanese short grain rice (not made with Italian rice) was briney and took on the salted egg yolk sauce pretty well. The tender grilled octopus was smoky and great!

Mains – The butcher’s secret: grilled bavette, pickled grapes, shishito peppers, fingerlings, onion jam, chimichurri sauce.
Mains – Ume-Sake Braised Beef, Okinawan sweet potato, ume koji wasabi, naibai.
Desserts – Morsels signature milo tira-miso (left); Homemade almond milk panna cotta, candied orange, port reduction (right).

The desserts were certainly unique in its ingredients alone.

I wished the tiramisu could be less moist, more integrity to the mascarpone layer and lady fingers – the flavours were decent enough.
As for panna cotta, which personally not my favourite type of dessert, it was a little too hard.

Overall, I really commend on the delicious, quality and interesting dishes here available in small and big plates for a perfect evening out.

Address: 35 Mayo Street, Singapore 208316 (walking distance from Little India / Bugis MRT)
Picky app is available on both iOs and Android!


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